Blast From the Past: 80s Playlist

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The 80s have been hailed by many people as the last decade of good music.  When you are scanning the radio in hopes of finding something new, you’re bound to hit a station dedicating the day to some 80s tunage.  Most of these songs probably won’t be featured, so check out where a lot of artists got their influences.

1.  Flock of Seagulls-I Ran
Popular 80s song about a girl that doesn’t involve sex.

2.  Golden Earring-Twilight Zone
Golden Earring hales from the Netherlands and is a great band to roll down the windows and drive to.

3.  Culture Club-Karma Chameleon
This Boy George tune has been getting stuck in people’s heads since its release onto the airwaves.

4.  Michael Jackson-Billie Jean
No 80s playlist would be complete without a Jackson song.  Billie Jean is one of his more known tracks, but how many times can Thriller be played ‘til you just want to skip it?

5.  Nena-99 Luftballons/99 Red Balloons
The track on the playlist is actually the German version of 99 Red Balloons.  Still, 99 Red Balloons is another popular 80s tune that most people have heard but probably don’t have on their iPod.

6.  Ratt-Round and Round
Ratt, at one time, was considered a heavy metal band.  No screaming here makes this an easy track to listen to.

7.  RUN-DMC-Rock Box
Most rap/R&B fans are aware of Lil Wayne’s attempt at a rock rap song (Prom Queen).  Run DMC mastered the mixing of styles with this song.

8.  Boogie Down Productions-The Style You Haven’t Done Yet
This song proves that sometimes digging through the rap of current Billboard status can reveal diamonds in the rough.  

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