Beyond the Toga: Stoplight Party

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It’s awkward when you have to pull the boyfriend card out at every party.  Well not at this one.  You can be confident when you walk in the door that everyone will know your relationship status right away.   Just wear green for single, yellow for “it’s complicated,” and red for taken.  

What to bring

Accessories – If you’re going to wear a color, wear it.  Don headbands, bracelets, hats, high socks and even war paint. 

Colored Solo Cups – Don’t use a red solo cup if you are single.  They sell green and yellow cups as well. 

Your Sense of Adventure – Your color is going to be a conversation starter.  Be prepared to meet a lot of new people.

What to do if you are wearing…

Red – Get ready for a fun night.  This is a great way to make new plutonic friends.  Everyone will know you are taken so just relax and enjoy.  

Yellow – Be ready with the explanations.  You would be surprised how many people are going to want to know what “complicated” means for you.  

Green – Get your flirt on.  It’s no secret that you are single.

What people are saying…

“I thought it was a stupid idea at first because I thought that it would totally separate people by color, but the colors definitely mixed, it was just way less awkward.  I had a lot of fun,” said Haley Glazer, a sophomore at Cornell University.  

“I loved this idea as soon as I heard it,” said Ainsley Watkins, a sophomore at Endicott College.  “If I had to go to one more party and tell some guy I had a boyfriend 20 minutes into our conversation I was going to scream.”

College Magazine Staff

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