Beyond Gross

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There comes a point in every relationship where each person begins to let his or her guard down. Of course, there’s the emotional sense of the phrase: really opening yourself up to the other person, and then there’s the “letting your guard down” in a physical way: doing disgusting things in front of your partner that you wouldn’t have done in the early stages of your relationship.

CM asked students what the grossest thing that their significant others had ever done in front of them; here’s what they said:

“Once, this guy I was dating made me pop his back-pimples. Definitely not okay…” –Kasey Edmonds, Sophomore, Appalachian State University

“He was eating Cheetos, a lot, and then went into kiss me right after. It was so gross.” –Lauren Werst, Sophomore, University of Albany

“One girl I used to date was at a party, and had chewing tobacco in her mouth. She was so drunk that she forgot about it, and started kissing someone. Then they threw up on her because it was still in her mouth…Success.” – Mariel Moore, Sophomore, Appalachian State University

“Ahh this is pretty embarrassing, but… this guy I dated used to eat everything. By that, I mean bugs, scabs, boogers… Anything, he ate it…He said it was a ‘good source of protein’. Maybe, but it was the grossest thing I have ever seen.” – Katie Hewen*, Junior, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

“My boyfriend went to go to the bathroom while we were hanging out once. Let’s just say it was loud, and I heard everything…” –Sara Kent*, Sophomore, University of Albany

Many times, these “bad habits” start to reveal themselves after couples start living together, since they begin seeing each other on a relatively constant basis. But there is such a thing as acting too comfortable. Forgetting to preserve basic acts of cleanliness can cause resentment, especially if the other person has to start cleaning up after the mistakes. A recent survey by the British publication, The Daily Mail, found these ten habits to be the most “argument triggering” to couples:

  1. Stubble in the sink
  2. Dirty marks in the toilet
  3. Flicking TV channels
  4. Not replacing the toilet roll
  5. Leaving the seat up
  6. Leaving lights on
  7. Leaving dirty cups around the house
  8. Leaving wet towels on the floor/bed
  9. Hoarding stuff
  10. Not flushing the toilet

Even though these wouldn’t usually be classified as huge issues in a relationship, they can start to add up. When these habits continue for a while, it eventually seems like the other person has just stopped caring, and the spark is lost in the relationship. While you want to be yourself in a relationship, you must still consider that your partner wants to see you in a romantic light and not necessarily see every gross little detail. 

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