Before I Graduate, I Want to

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Brace yourselves; graduation day is coming. It’s nearly time for you to accept your diploma with grace and (unless you’re considering graduate school) depart from college forever. Scary thought, huh? Let’s stray from that uncomfortable idea for a moment and focus on the remainder of your college career. What do you want to accomplish while you’re still a college student? Here are what some college juniors and seniors hope to achieve before graduating:


“I want to know what my calling is in life.” 

– Alex Nguyen, senior at California State University, Fullerton


 “I want to be one of the students that appears on the front page of my school's website.” 

– Andrew Yadon, junior at John Carroll University


“I definitely want to spend as much time with close friends before we all separate down our own paths. I've met great lifelong friends and I definitely will do my best to keep them.” 

– Charles Gryor Flores Derupé, senior at Emerson College


“I want to self teach myself Latin.” 

– Aaron Vasquez, junior at Santa Ana College


“I want to have one of my creative nonfiction essays published somewhere.” 

– A.J. Kazlouski, junior at University of Colorado Boulder


“I need to get some real world experience in my field (computer science) if I expect to get a real job. Whether that means an internship or completing my own projects it has to happen for anyone to take me seriously. However when it comes to what I want to do, I would really like to take some time to travel and see the world!” 

– Greg Pease, senior at California State University, Northridge


“I want to wear a chicken suit to all my classes one day and pretend nothing is out of the ordinary.” 

– Khoi Nguyen, junior at University of California, San Diego


“I want to land a respectable internship, pay off half of my student loans, spend a summer semester at NYU and be published.”

 – Natalie Koziar, junior at Chapman University

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