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Valentine’s Day is coming up, a holiday that is normally greeted by one of two very extreme reactions: strong disgust or over-the-top, giggly fixation. You don’t have to fall in either of these camps – I prefer a comfy spot right in the middle – but no matter how you feel about V-day, your wardrobe needn’t take a hit.

In true ironic fashion, I love the idea of wearing red and pink to celebrate the holiday. This has always been viewed as unacceptable for anyone over the age of seven, but that’s exactly why I like it. Challenge this stodgy stereotype and find yourself a festive, flirty Valentines outfit that’s still elegant and chic, and you’ll have everyone wishing they’d done the same.

But how? This may seem daunting – won’t I look like a kindergartner? –  but it’s all about choosing simple shapes and forgoing the conventional bubble-gum pink and cherry red. Play with different tones of pink and red, like fuchsia, blush, and hot pink – all very on-trend colors. Mix a few bold hues together for a more fashion-forward ensemble, or keep everything understated by sticking with shades that don’t compete for attention.

The outfits below lay out these foolproof philosophies; neither looks cheesy nor overly feminine, but both will convey a sweet, clever vibe on the corniest day of the year. Thoughtful accessories like a glittery clutch, woven bracelet or sequin heart pin add a does of whimsy, while your favorite basics like black flats and a neutral bag keep everything grounded. 

So go on – embrace the cheesiness, look fabulous… and maybe grab some Necco hearts for good measure.


{Look #1: Miu Miu tee, Giulietta skirt, heart pin, Anya Hindmarch clutch, Topshop flats / Look#2: Adam tank, Tibi maxi skirt, Tinnlily bracelet, Chloe bag, Chloe flats}

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