Bacon, Magic, and Facebook

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So my birthday is coming up in November, and I know exactly what I want: a sculpture of Kevin Bacon…made entirely out of bacon.  How cool is that?!  I know some people must be thinking, what kind of lunatic would actually take the time to carve out a bust of Kevin Bacon with bacon? But my first thought was I can’t believe somebody didn’t think of this before…how deliciously inspired!The artist will auction it off on eBay and the proceeds will go to Ashley’s Team, a charity for children with cancer.  This is a win-win situation people, so start the bidding!  I love the actor and I love bacon; it’s the most appetizing birthday gift I'll ever get. Unless, of course, someone finds a way to give me David Beckham

Apparently, J.K. Rowling isn’t quite rich enough.  In a recent interview with Oprah (another one of the world’s most ridiculously wealthy women) the creator of Harry Potter confessed that even though she’s not up to it right now, there could be one or two more Potter books up her sleeve.  Everybody please join me in screaming “NOOOOO!”  The epic story is seven books long for a reason, lady!  Any more would be overkill, and something so magical would be spoiled for the millions of Muggles who love the series.  That’s my opinion, but what do you guys think? Would you read another Harry Potter book?

And finally, there’s a movie about the site that makes us all stalkers and procrastinators: The Social Network.  It’s supposed to be a really interesting look inside Facebook creator Mark Zuckerburg’s life as an undergrad student at Harvard, even if it’s not officially endorsed by him or the website or entirely factually accurate.  Fun fact: Natalie Portman helped the producers of the film by telling them what Harvard is really like, since she went there for her undergraduate degree.  Go to E! Online and learn even more about the movie…some really cool stuff.  Has anybody seen it yet?  I’m going sometime this week…and I’ll probably update my status when I do.

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