Back to School To-Do List

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You’re moving back to school in a week and desperately trying to hold on to those last bits of summer, which has resulted in getting absolutely nothing done for school. Don’t worry, here’s a list of things you NEED to get done before you move in!

1. Think about what you pack.

You won’t have much space, so don’t just throw everything you own into suitcases. You’ll probably be back home over winter break, so don’t worry about spring outfits just yet. Also, if you haven’t used something on your shelf in two years, you won’t start now. Remember, free time will be at an all-time low so don’t waste bookshelf space with all those books you have but never got a chance to read.

2. Get school supplies.

The campus bookstore is way overpriced, so shop locally and bring everything with you. Don’t forget to buy a planner/calendar! You may have been given one in high school, but now you’re on your own.

3. Make sure your classes are in order.

Double check that your final schedule looks how you remember it. See if any of the book lists are available and start ordering now so they’ll arrive in due time and you can save the money you’d otherwise be spending on overnight delivery.

4. Write/edit your resume.

Before homework, classes and parties take up all of your free time, have a freshly edited resume on hand so you can easily apply to fall internships or jobs!

5. Talk to your roommate.

Or else you’ll wind up with two of everything. This is also a great way to break the ice if you haven’t met them before! You should also get on the topic of what your habits with sleeping are, and pack ear plugs just in case he snores.

6. Start making a list of the weird things you use on a daily (and not so daily) basis—remember to bring them!

This list might include batteries, stamps, extra headphones, laundry detergent, Febreeze fabric spray (let’s face it—you’ll probably wear dirty clothes every so often, so at least make them smell nice).

7. Invest in things you’ll use over and over again.

It’s finally time to cave in and buy a Nalgene water bottle. Get a decent alarm clock that won’t break every week. Buy an extra phone charger (trust me!). Make sure you have a sturdy backpack—you’ll be lugging around a lot of stuff and you might have to walk for a good amount of time. You don’t want to develop back problems at 18.

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