Back to School: Five Things You Can Leave Behind

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So if you aren’t one of those “get everything done last minute” kinds of people, I’m sure you’ve already packed for this year of school. If you’ve still got some time left before you leave, you may want to look through all those garbage bags of clothes, shoes and everything that’s been under your bed for the last 18 years and really think about what you’re taking.

Dorm rooms aren’t that big! Overpacking is a very common mistake that usually comes from being stressed out and nervous about moving. For some reason, students think that a dorm room is much bigger than it actually is. Remember, you’ll only have half the space of the room and it’s not like you’re packing up and moving forever! Your room at home will still be there winter break.

Here’s a list of some things you can leave behind to lighten the load.

1. Winter Clothes

Unless you’re going to school where it starts snowing in October, you can leave behind some heavy winter outfits. Remember, you’ll only be at school for a few months before you’re coming home for winter break. So bring some summer and fall clothes, but leave the parka and ten thousand scarves at home. This way, when you come back, you can bring your summer outfits with you and replace them with winter ones!

2. Books

If you aren’t going to read it for a class, you probably aren’t going to have time to read it. It’ll just take up space on your shelf that you need for textbooks. 

3. Your Entire Bathroom

Only take the essential things you need! If you have the same body lotion in multiple scents, you don’t need to take all of them.

4. Mementos

Yes I know you’ve grown attached to all of your old diaries and high school yearbooks but trust me, no one wants to see them. Bring one or two things that you really love and want to keep with you; leave the rest. One day when you have a house you can throw it all in the attic.

5. Candles/Alcohol/Other Things That Are Forbidden

Don’t make a bad impression on the first day by bringing something hazardous. Worried about buying booze when you get to school now that you don’t have your older sibling around? Don’t be. It’s college—there will be beer.

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