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Get ready to hoot, holler, and jump for joy as the fall television season marks the return of two of our favorite small screen stars.:Sarah Michelle Gellar of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and Rachel Bilson, best known for her role on “The O.C.” The lovely ladies have each snagged their own shows on The CW with Gellar starring in “Ringer” and Bilson getting the lead in “Hart of Dixie.” As excited as we are for the return of these two ladies, we can’t help but be disappointed that some of our favorites are still M.I.A. So, here’s hoping that these four stars follow Bilson and Gellar’s lead and make their return to the small screen.

Kristen Bell: There are shows that meet their end deservingly, and there are shows that come to an end way before their time. Veronica Mars definitely falls into the latter. What made the cancellation of our favorite detective show especially hard was that it meant we couldn’t get our weekly fix of Kristen Bell, and though the star has lent her voice to The CW’s Gossip Girl, it’s just not enough.

Ben Savage: Cory Matthews of Boy Meets World… do we really need to say more? If you’re a 90s baby, chances are you grew up watching Cory and the gang go through all the twists and turns life threw at them. That’s why we’re crossing our fingers hoping that Ben will score a serious small screen comeback.

Katie Holmes: Sure, Katie Holmes is everywhere right now (being married to Tom Cruise may have something to do with that), but we can’t help but miss the Katie of old. We’re talking Katie as loveable Joey Potter on Dawson’s Creek, the lucky girl who had both Dawson and Pacey fighting for her. We want that Katie back on TV on a wonderfully soapy drama, rather than trying to hard to be Jackie O on a docudrama.

Jaleel White: Those suspenders, the nasal voice, and that famous line “Did I do that?” No one made us laugh quite like Steve Urkel. That’s why it makes it so hard to understand why White, the genius who brought Urkel to life, has yet to make his small screen comeback. With White’s comedic timing, winning smile and ability to play different characters (see Stefan Urquelle and Myrtle Urkel), we need for him to land his very own show ASAP.

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