Avoiding Laziness Over Winter Break

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By Josh Axelrod > Freshman > Journalism > University of Maryland, College Park, Photo by Di Bedard
You look out your window one morning and see nothing but white. Cars are blanketed with snow, icicles have formed on the tips of roofs, and there is a frozen squirrel on the front lawn. The last thing you want to do right now is go outside, let alone exercise.
Despite the cold weather, college students have found creative ways to stay active over their winter breaks and overcome the lethargic feelings frigid weather can produce.

“I forced myself to do an exercise video first thing in the morning,” said Washington and Jefferson freshman swimmer Zoe Levenson. “If I didn’t do it then, then I probably wouldn’t workout that day. It was essential that I got into a routine, even at home.”
Some braved the cold for the sake of keeping their bodies in shape. “I ran in the snow,” said Juniata College freshman Nathaniel Alter, a cross-country runner.   “Everything [I did] usually ranged between five and ten miles. In addition to running I did gym workouts that include core work and light lifting.”
University of Vermont freshman Sam Kazman did everything he could to avoid laziness over break. “I lifted weights every other day and I tried to do cardio at least twice a week. The cardio consisted of playing squash, running, or playing an occasional game of football.”
Varsity athletes have extra incentives to make sure they do not let themselves go while school is not in session. “I did everything I do at school,” said University of Maryland freshman lacrosse player Tim Coyne. “About two hours at the gym a day plus some hockey here and there.”
Coyne also had one rather unorthodox method to ensure he stayed in shape for lacrosse season that proves a little ingenuity can a provide fun and rewarding exercise. “I also liked to wrestle my brother on occasion.”


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