April Shower Sing-Alongs Vol. 2: Alternative Anthems

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Good news: Classes are almost over! Bad news: You have finals coming up. More good news: This week’s playlist is going to get you ready for it.

“Thunder” – This 2008 breakout hit from Boys Like Girls will have you humming along and begging for a thunderstorm as an excuse to blast this in your room. Caution: Do not blast this in your car with the windows down if you believe in pathetic fallacy. 

“The Anthem” – I’m actually surprised that they haven’t covered this song on “Glee” yet, considering that there was a whole episode devoted to anthems earlier this season. Everyone in the world has heard this song by Good Charlotte, so “throw all your hands up” and “sing if you’re with me.” 

“She Is” – A softer side to this playlist, “She Is” delves deep into The Fray’s psyche to the reasons why a girl is perfect – and at the same time, not perfect – for them. Upbeat enough to “bop” to, relaxing enough as background noise to that paper you’re writing. 

“Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn” – Hellogoodbye, well known for its “Here (In Your Arms),” produces one of those feel-good melodies that you’ll have on repeat over and over again. 

“Shut Up and Let Me Go” – Yes, it’s that song from an iPod commercial (“Shut up and let me go – hey”). Yes, it will annoy you. And yes, you’ll love it. 

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