Adele Rolls in the Awards: 54th Annual Grammys

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Miss the Grammys last night? Here’s a recap of the 54th Annual Grammy Awards in 50 words or less: Bruno Mars and Alicia Keys’ matching hairdos, the Beach Boys reunion performance, Justin Vernon’s awkward acceptance speech for Bon Iver, remembering Whitney Houston, Adele’s emotional and snot-filled acceptance speech for Album of the Year, and Paul McCartney’s mellow but commanding awesomeness. You’re caught up.
Overall, when Nicki Minaj traveled down the red carpet in a Red Riding Hood outfit accompanied by a Pope-like figure, and the Foo Fighters had already won three Grammy Awards before the televised show even started – audiences were prepared for an entertaining, yet mostly predictable night.
Adele rolled through the awards show with six wins for six nominations and a powerfully authentic performance of “Rolling in the Deep” to boot, her first since undergoing vocal surgery.
Host LL Cool J said a prayer for Whitney Houston to open the show and later on, Jennifer Hudson dedicated a heart-wrenching performance to the late Whitney Houston by singing her famous hit, “I Will Always Love You.” The singer, Grammy attendees and global audience members were moved to tears.
Chris Brown, despite his controversial and abusive Grammy-banned past, relied completely on his dancing ability due to his atrocious lip-synching. Then the Foo Fighters were too cool to play inside and rocked out in a Bonnaroo-style tent outside the Staples Center.
Bizarre costumes by Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga? Check. Foo Fighters and Adele championing their categories? Check. Katy Perry’s slightly above mediocre performance with blue hair? Check. Adam Levine causing women to simultaneously swoon around the world? Ahh, check. Taylor Swift’s childish song “Mean” produces standing ovation? Sadly, check.
Check out the complete list of award winners here and I've highlighted some of the more pleasant surprises and notable moments throughout the show below:
Rihanna’s dark ballad intro gave way to an energetic “We Found Love,” paired with an agile dance crew. Her newfound and improved live voice stole the show, as did her Tina Turner/Farrah Fawcett hair. Chris Martin joined her on stage for “Princess of China,” and then the full Coldplay took the stage fulfilling typical Coldplay expectations.
Even though The Civil Wars, Grammy winner of Best Folk Album, had a short-lived performance, their talent was shown through vocal and instrumental mastery. As a result, mainstream listeners turned up the volume and tweeted, “When did Johnny Depp start a band?”
The colorful collaboration between Maroon 5, Foster the People and The Beach Boys proved to be one of the most entertaining performances, with a resounding “Good Vibrations” energizing every generation.
Not as powerful, but similarly poignant was Tony Bennett and Carrie Underwood’s duet of “It Had to Be You.” Underwood’s stunning dress and voice had every woman wanting to be her and every man wanting to be hockey player Mike Fisher.
Foo Fighters’ leading man David Grohl praised instrumental talent, but “bashed” electronic music in an acceptance speech, and then he later shared the performance stage with Deadmau5, the electronic dance mouse king. Oh, the irony.
Nicki Minaj played a short film before her performance, channeling The Exorcist while her alter ego Roman possessed the hip hop star. The entire act was a bit too frightening, even without the Goth choir singing “Come All Ye Faithful.”
One of Paul McCartney’s guitarists also looked strangely identical to a rock-version of Ty Burrell, aka Modern Family’s Phil Dunphy. Anyone else catch the resemblance?
And lastly, Adele. Authenticity at its best.

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