Additional scenes for original Star Wars Trilogy

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Star Wars, much like other popular series' Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Twilight, has always been something its fans can't get enough of. Lucasfilm has done its best to satiate its supporters, releasing an entire trilogy of prequels (which essentially flopped) and a cartoon TV series (did you know about this? Because I didn't). There was only one thing the people really wanted, and on the new Blu-Ray edition of the trilogy, they'll finally get it: more of the original Star Wars.

Along with their purchase of extremely high-def action, fans will be treated to a reel of deleted scenes from the original three movies. Not inconsequential scenes either — scenes that actually feature the films' heroes.

Much like the LOTR extended movies, it's clearly a marketing ploy to generate more revenue for the franchise. But unlike the more costly attempts at extending the saga and converting it to TV format, which didn't exactly spark fans' interest, this probably will. To get you even more enthusiastic about the news, The Huffington Post has put together a teaser reel of the scenes' highlights. To watch it, and to read up more on the new campaign, check out the full article here.

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