Actions Speak Louder than Words

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The true language of romance may be unspoken.

While what is said matters, the way that it is said may be the key to impressing that latest crush and according to students and experts, body language plays a huge part in dating.

“You’re going to pay more attention to someone who is confident rather than a guy who’s slouched in the corner and not talking to anyone,” said Samantha Horvath, a sophomore at the University of Central Florida.

According to Dr. Lillian Glass, a world-renowned body language expert, “If you have good body language and you speak and comport yourself well, you’re going to be judged better than if you don’t.”

Body language can affect a person’s perception of another. The way that a person carries himself or herself affects their attraction.

“I don’t like guys who are overbearing, so the ones that are a little shy are the ones I’m actually attracted to,” said Dashka Gabriel, a junior at Nova Southeastern University.

 Michelle Foulke, a sophomore at Maryville College said, “If someone can make me laugh and have long conversations with me, it will definitely make me like them more.”

 Just as personality types play a role on attraction, Dr. Glass added that there are other important signs to recognize in the college world of dating.

 For example, if a guy is attracted to you, he will point his feet in your direction, lean into you, and make good eye and face contact. He will have a genuine smile and will continue to touch your hands and cheeks.

 Of course, there are also signs of those who are not interested in you at all.

 “They lean back, they’ll be looking around the room, they’ll be texting or looking at their iPhones,” said Dr. Glass. “They’re going to be talking over you.”

 While body language may contribute to our perception of others, there are many other factors that go into dating. However, it is important to know that it is not only what you say, but what youdo that attracts others, so think twice next time you start texting in the middle of a conversation—what message are you really sending?

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