A Wink and a Smile

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Just about everyone is guilty of wanting someone to notice them at one point or another. A flip of the hair, an arch in the back, a sexy crooked smile—these gestures have been used time and time again to allure the unallurable. But what’s the best way to grab someone’s attention? What’s the move that has a 99.9% success rate of getting him to notice you from a mile away? Well, I’m not sure if any such move exists, but there is a standout among all the others: a wink and a smile.

If done correctly, a wink and a smile can do wonders. The origin of the wink has been explored in a recent article and so has its notoriety for being an indicator of heavy flirting.

My friends are shameless winkers, winking almost involuntarily at whomever they deem attractive. Sometimes they don’t even want a response; it just feels good to be that kid who has the confidence to put himself out there. Personally, after I send a good wink anyone’s way, my confidence level is boosted, because being brave enough to actually wink and basically admit that you’re attracted to someone, can make you feel so good.

But it should be noted that there is a protocol for winking, although there is room for a bit of personal flare and creativity. A wink has to be paired with a smile for it to avoid being creepy. Imagine someone who has no grin on their face winking at you. Creepy, right?

The best wink is preceded by a smile and then followed by a smile with a subtle gaze downward. The idea is to wink at the person and then play it off like it’s no big deal, like you do it all the time yet are sincerely intrigued by the person nonetheless. It’s a very fine line to cross, but with practice, the wink to be remembered can definitely be perfected. 

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