A Look at the Post-College Dating World

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While strutting the oh-so-flattering cap and gown may mean the end to your undergraduate “studies,” it doesn’t have to mean an end to fun, especially when it comes to dating. Here are a few perks you can look forward to post-college whether you have a job, are going to graduate school, or are sending out hundreds of resumes in your pajamas from your mom’s house.

Actually Dating

In college, it seems that while a few might go out on actual dates, “dating” is better interpreted as seeing someone casually or hooking up with the same person when they’re around. The ideal romance of movies, while seemingly outdated anyway, proves rare in college. After college, however, dating suddenly becomes “in” and while it still may not lead to something serious, if you even want that, it could be refreshing to have an actual conversation before moving forward.

Oh the Luxuries!

You’d be surprised to find that some of those grimy frat bros and party girls you thought never studied or went to class (who knows, maybe you were right?) may have landed corporate or glamorous jobs. Suddenly, starving all week because the only money you have is reserved for alcohol may not be necessary. Having a job means a guaranteed paycheck and guaranteed spending money for whatever you choose, even if it’s buying a gift to woo that broke journalism major you never got to talk to (ehem…).

Meeting Professionals in your Field

While it’s nice to date diverse people with different interests, sometimes you need to find people who really understand and share your goals. Meeting other professionals in your field rather than just your major can help with finding others that are truly compatible with you.

Dating Older People Without the Stigma

While dating a 26-year-old might sound sophisticated now, you might find that after college, age really doesn’t matter. Sure, it might not even be a big deal now, and some of your friends might already be doing this. But after college, depending on your field, you could find that most of your fellow employees are significantly older than you. This also means that not only do they have more experience in your field, but in other things too, if you get where I’m going with this…


This may not even cross your mind at this point, but I’m not talking about getting married. For certain people, committing to even saying, “yes, I’m dating someone” can be a struggle. However, you’ll find you have to grow up and the older people get, the more they seem to want this commitment. Hey, it’s a perk for some…

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