9 Things You’ll Miss This Fall

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With wanted signs posted for our missing social lives, summer couldn’t end faster. Each slowly passing day brings us a little closer on the countdown to packed cars and parties. Trapped in the monotony of summer jobs and prying parents, it’s easy to forget being home has its perks. Here are nine things you’ll miss when you’re knee deep in textbooks and notecards. 

1. Mom’s Cooking

Not all meals are made equal. You might be tired of mom’s meatloaf, but you’ll be missing it when meals consist of Ramen and hot sauce. The wonder of all-you-can-eat dining hall buffets fades once you eat over-heated macaroni and cheese for the fourth time. Cash in on the free meals while you can. 

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2. Free Laundry

Though your pile of smelly gym socks and worn basketball shorts is the same everywhere, at home you don’t have to be Hercules to face two months worth of laundry.  Not smelling like an overused workhorse is as easy as throwing your clothes in the family machine. There’s no smash of the piggy bank or swipe of the debit card. Your precious $7.25 an hour is safe. Once in a while, your clothes might just appear clean and folded. Thanks Mom!

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3. A Bed Fit for a King 

The extra long twin in your dorm is no replacement for the full you’ve had years to wear in. Spongy mattress pads can’t completely quiet squeaky bedsprings and new sheets can’t erase your mattress’ history (you’re better off not knowing). Enjoy your remaining summer sleep because you’ll miss your old digs when you have to lie awake on a not so metaphorical bed of nails at 5 a.m. 

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4. Bathing in the Lap of Luxury 

Communal bathrooms make achieving personal hygiene a nightmare; so take advantage of the alone time while you can. The lack of privacy and water pressure turn your treasured morning shower into a dreaded deed. Your mom’s warning bang on the door beats when Mike from down the hall walks in on you. 

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5. Making Bank

You might hate smelling like stale popcorn from your six-hour shift at the local theater, but you certainly don’t hate the paycheck. Summer provides the chance to replenish your drained bank account. Flipping a burger or crafting a coffee for impatient housewives definitively has its benefits. Each hour brings you closer to paying for that car or your overpriced campus rent. At school, classes and clubs takes a toll on your work schedule. Besides, books and beers aren’t cheap. 

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6. The Flood of Free Time

You’re bored now, but you’ll come to miss your freedom. When you have events to attend and exams to cram for, finding four hours to binge watch “Breaking Bad” on Netflix defies possibility. Take advantage of the time you have left. Take a day trip. Go hiking. Read a book. You have a dwindling number of summer vacations left so make these dull days something to remember. 

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7. Old Friends

Remember those friends you thought you couldn’t live without in high school? Here’s one of the few times you’ll see them this year. Even though those poor unfortunate souls chose your rival school, you know you still love them. “Summers at home” won’t last forever. Sooner than you know it, you’ll be headed down opposite sides of the highway. Hit up those old hangouts and reminisce. 

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8. Man’s Best Friend 

Unfortunately, Fido can’t come with you. Unless you’ve mastered hiding a kitten in a dorm room (it’s been done), your furry friends have to stay at home. Throw your dog a Frisbee or watch your cat judge you. It’s going to be a long semester. 

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9. Family

Yes, they’re driving you crazy. Mom wants to know where you’re going and Dad calls if you’re three minutes late. But be honest, you know you’ll miss them when they go out that door on move-in day. Set aside a night or two to hang out just with your parents (and maybe your siblings if you’re feeling generous). It won’t be long until they aren’t two doors down. 

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