7 Reasons Why I Want Mindy Kaling As My Best Friend

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It was a great year if you’re Mindy Kaling; a bestselling book, a hit new TV show and just a year of general awesomeness. Kaling is the first South Asian woman to be the star of an American sitcom. Race aside, how many women are the center of TV shows these days? Not enough I tell you. With a kickass sense of humor and fantastic closet to boot, I propose to Ms. Kaling: will you be my best friend?

Need some time to think about it? No worries, here are 7 reasons why I want you in my life.

  1. We would be the best shopping buddies ever. In her hilarious memoir, "Is Everybody Hanging Out Without Me And Other Concerns," Mindy says that she has memorized her credit card number for greater ease for online shopping. Girl, you are preaching to the congregation. Our shopping habits are second to none. I doubt my bank account would appreciate this friendship though.  
  2. We have the same theories on vegetarianism. :05 into this video explains it all.  Trust me, it doesn’t count unless it’s steak. 
  3. She’s been called “Tina Fey’s cool little sister” by the likes of Chelsea Handler and Lena Dunham. Imagine how cool someone must be if they’re even cool compared to Tina Fey
  4. She fake live-tweeted New York Fashion Week. Why read fashion blogs and be jealous when you can make up your own #NYFW experience? Next September, I won’t be headed to Bryant Park but good ‘ol Twitter instead. 
  5. Even though her character Mindy Lahiri on The Mindy Project is an Ob/Gyn, she’s still a screenwriter extraordinaire. Thanks for giving brown people a new role model Mindy. Sanjay Gupta was getting tired of carrying that crown. 
  6. She started her career on one of the funniest shows of the decade. Sure, The Office has had its ups and downs but watching the “Diwali” episode, written by Kaling, has become a holiday staple.                                                                                                                                                       
  7. In her memoir, Mindy’s best friend rights and responsibilities include: I will like your boyfriend five times, I will like and relike people for you, and I will take care of your kid when you die.

As far as celebrity friendships go, there isn’t a better one than this. How about we fake live tweet New York Fashion week together Mindy? 

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