7 Blogs You Should Really Be Reading

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As college students, we live in an age of Internet and social media. It’s to no surprise then that some of our go to reading is commonly found online, often times in the form of blogs. Today many students look to blog sites as a prime source for commentary and information on a variety of subjects. 

While blogs can range anywhere from a nearly professional website with multiple writers to a small page of a single person’s ideas, both have proven to be popular amongst college readers. 
If you haven’t viewed them already, here is CM’s list of blogs all college students should be reading. 
College Fashion
Fashion blogs have managed to take social media by storm but this one in particular seems to stand out among the rest. College Fashion deems itself the first and only fashion and style blog written exclusively for college students. The site features fashion and beauty tips, current trends, style advice and online sale updates all written by college students. All in all, it’s comforting to know there’s a place where I can find essential articles such as “how to dress like Serena Van Der Woodsen” and “how often should you wash your hair?”
Since its emergence onto the blog scene nearly a year ago, #whatshouldwecallme has become a go to for college students looking to relate their college and post grad mishaps to. The site is unique in that each post features a GIF (graphics interchange format) otherwise known as a three second silent clip and a simple statement epitomizing a typical behavior. “Going into finals” followed by a clip of a guy jumping into a pool of ice always seems to sum it up for me. 
Camelback Music
As college students we know music is always changing. Just last week I was at a party and Starships by Nicki Minaj came on under an oldies playlist. Case and point, it’s somewhat crucial to be kept up to date on currently trending music. Camelback Music was created by three boarding school friends now in the midst of their college years who have quite the ear for good music. The site features new music of multiple genres available to download along with music videos, themed playlists, concert and record release news and of course brand merchandise. 
Game On!
Not exactly your typical sports blog. The blog site to USA Today delivers not necessarily the biggest sports stories but often some of the more unique ones. Game On! is an ideal site for students looking to get an insider scoop on well chosen sports topics. Since we already know the Ravens won the Superbowl, why not view the 10 most unforgettable images from Superbowl  XLVII along with the Will Ferrell ad that only aired in three towns during the game.
Her Campus
The perfect blog for any college female. The site offers branches in over a hundred different campuses around the country and contains funny, smart articles on current news stories, career advice, style and beauty tips and life in general. Her Campus also offers a number of deals for students on a limited budget. My personal favorite feature of the blog: the campus cuties page. 

Barstool Sports isn’t so much a blog but more of a lifestyle I suppose. Starting off as a small blog out of Boston reporting on all things mass-hole, the site has grown to include spin-off sites in New York, Philadelphia and Chicago as well as a college site. BarstoolU keeps their college readers updated with hilarious sports stories and just plain ridiculous articles. 
Points In Case
The popular comedic blog is composed of smart, quirky and very much savvy articles about all things college. The site’s unique features include funny AIM conversations (remember those?), top 10 lists, original jokes and of course numerous articles on everything from “the complete lunatic’s guide to cheap and illegal alcohol” to “why 80’s rom-coms are the greatest film genre.” 

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