5 Ways to Make the Most Out Of Valentine’s Day

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For single college students, Valentine’s Day can either be considered either the worst holiday or just another regular day. Regardless of how you view the holiday, here are a few ways to seize the day if you’re without a significant other:

1. Take advantage of Groupon and LivingSocial deals.
Coupon sites frequently offer special reduced dinner prices for couples on Valentine’s Day. Invite a friend or family member to dine at a new restaurant with you. This could be an ideal opportunity for you to get dressed up for the evening or casually kick back with good company and a discount on tasty food.
2. Hand out snarky or nerdy Valentine’s Day cards to your friends and classmates.
If you’re a Harry Potter fanatic, you can create your own Valentine’s Day cards (which can be as simple as cutting paper into heart shapes) and print cheesy HP related pick-up lines on them such as, “If I were to look into the Mirror of Erised, I'd see the two of us together” or “My name’s not Luna, but I can promise I know how to Lovegood!” If you prefer to go the snarky route, you can write, “You are just about bearable” or “Somebody loves you and it’s not just your mom.”
3. Donate blood.
What shouts “Valentine’s Day!” more than literally giving something straight from the heart? Just one pint of blood can potentially save up to three lives.
4. Do a random act of kindness for a stranger.
When you’re buying your morning coffee or food at a drive-thru, you can opt to pick up the tab for the person behind you. The person may appreciate your gesture to the extent that he or she may even continue the kindness by emulating the deed. There are countless stories of people paying it forward and initiating a chain of kindness.
5. Plan an ironic movie screening.
The Valentine’s Day sentimentality exudes from store decorations and advertisements. You can halt the sappiness by planning a lineup of horror films or Christmas-themed flicks. Encourage friends to come over and share the irony with you. It’s an unconventional way to celebrate the otherwise schmaltzy holiday.

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