5 Movies to Snuggle to: LGBT Edition

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 What better date is there than to snuggle up on the couch while watching a great movie? Get the popcorn ready, the blankets out and read a list of some LGBT movies that will get everyone in the right mood.

1.)   Rent

No better way to cuddle up with someone than with a musical, and a great one at that. Rent tells the story of one year in the life of eight friends living in the East Village in New York. The group deals with love, death, AIDS, and every other life struggles one can face. The powerful themes in the movie are accompanied with a cast of Broadway’s best stars and awesome music you and your loved one will be singing days after watching (I dare anyone not to break out to La Vie Boheme). But the heart of the film rests with the relationships between the characters. You can feel the true love between computer genius Tom Collins (played by Jesse L. Martin) and fabulous drag queen musician Angel (played by Wilson Jermaine Heredia).  You will root for power lesbian couple Maureen (played by Idina Menzel) and Joanne (played by Tracie Thoms). It’s a feel good movie that will bring a smile on both your faces.

2.)   Brokeback Mountain

By the end of this movie, you will need someone to cry with, if not hold you. In the summer of 1963, two men are sent to work herding sheep in the Wyoming mountains. While on the job, the two unexpectedly form a connection and fall in love. Throughout the years, the two deal with the complications that come with those feelings and try to hide their affair from everyone around them. It is a must see for the great acting, powerful love story, and a great lesson in acceptance. Plus, Jake Gyllenhall and Heath Ledger make for great eye candy. What more could you ask for?

3.)   Show Me Love

In this Swedish film, it is a classic tale of two unlikely people falling in love. Elin is the popular girl in school while Agnes is going through life alone. The two celebrate Agnes’ birthday together and have an unforgettable night together that ends with a kiss that changes their world. It’s a sweet coming of age story that you and your partner will appreciate.

4.)   I Think I Do

If you want to watch something that’ll make you laugh, this is the movie for you. In this screwball comedy, two college roommates, after hiding their feeling for each other for years, reconnect at a friend’s wedding. Everyone, from the parents of the bride to distant relatives, gives their opinion on how the two can live a happy life. The film offers laughs every minute and doesn’t disappoint. A must see if you two want to have a lighthearted movie date.

5.)   Goldfish Memory

Goldfish have an attention span of about three seconds. For the characters of this film, that is how long their relationships last. The film explores the complexities involved in straight, gay, lesbian, and bisexual relationships. The characters are so well developed that everyone, gay or straight, can relate to their problems. If you’re look for a good movie, this one might be the one to see.

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