5 Affordable Dates to Get You Laid

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Times are hard on your pockets, but that doesn’t mean your sex life has to pay for it. Whether it’s by being thrifty or resorting to the classics, you can construct a perfect, thoughtful date that’s budget-friendly and could result in you going home plus one.


Museums are great places to go if you want to feel a bit fancier. Plenty of museums offer free admission at certain times during the week, but if that doesn’t work out, many of them have student discounts. This is a perfect way to stimulate your mind and connect intellectually with your date. Intelligence is always a huge turn-on for both ladies and guys.

Mother Nature

Sometimes the little things can mean the most. Mother Nature is at your disposable to create the most romantic and memorable date for you and your significant other. The best part is that you can get as creative with this as you want and customize it to fit your personality. You can plan a picnic or stroll in the park or on the beach, hiking or biking on a trail, or even flying kites.

This is also a great way to include your friends if you want a wingman (or woman). Since people usually find it easier to be themselves among friends, you can start a bonfire on the beach, roast marshmallows and allow your sweetheart to see you at your most comfortable.

“I'm really just a simple, boring ‘take me to the movies or bowling or to the park’ kind of girl,” says Ada Colocho, a senior at Fordham University.

Local Venues

Bookstores, concert halls, and bars are just some of the local places in your town that put on affordable shows that you and your date will enjoy. You can find a good concert, comedy show, book reading, art exhibition, or poetry slam. And who says you have to leave campus grounds? Your tuition covers certain perks that you could definitely take advantage of. Go to a sports game and show some school spirit, check out a school-produced play, or see a local band.

“If I was on a cheap budget, I would go to a local bar for a few drinks,” says Marcus Abrams, a senior at Widener University. “With a local bar, I can spend, like, $35 and get me and my girlfriend drunk.”


Show your altruistic side. Maybe this is something that you both enjoy doing. What better way to connect than to do it together. Studies have shown that men are likelier to give more when an attractive woman is around and it’s no secret that guys like girls with generous hearts. Not only will you walk away feeling good about yourselves, but you’ll also feel good about each other. Maybe the generous streak will even continue after you’ve finished your good deed.

Dinner and a Movie

Some things are just timeless. Luckily, there are several ways to do this. You can rent a movie or choose one from Netflix if you choose to stay in. This way, rather than going out to a restaurant, you can cook dinner for your date and show off your impressive culinary skills, or you can make it a cooking adventure for the both of you as you navigate your way through the kitchen.

You can also choose to catch a free screening of a movie or a movie premiere either on campus or nearby. If there’s a film collective on your campus, they most likely have free screenings of movies before they hit theaters. Theaters on campus usually have really good discounts for students. And if you’re looking for some grub afterwards, there are plenty of cheap restaurants that the both of you will still enjoy, such as Chili’s.

“Not only is [Chili’s] nice on your wallet, it has great food and, an added plus, some great alcoholic beverages!” says Utah State University senior Brandie Dickson. “They offer a ‘20 Dollar Dinner for Two,’ One appetizer to share, and an entrée for each all for $20 bucks. And if you’ve ever had a Chili’s “Platinum Presidente Margarita” your mouth would be watering right now. Not only does it come with a whole shaker full of it, it’s pretty infamous at making you feel good only after one.”

So don’t let your wallet deter you from making the most out of your dates. If anything, think of it as a challenge and allow it to make way for more creativity. The more thoughtful your date seems, the more likely you won’t be going home alone at the end of the night.

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