4 Lessons From A Summer Fling

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I happen to believe that everything happens for a reason. I also believe that life is a learning experience. Have you ever just analyzed something in your life and wondered “why the heck did that just happen?” At the end of summer, that is probably the state you’ll be in when thinking about your summer fling.

But if you vow to be a good student, your summer romance has got a lot to teach you.

Heat can make you crazy.

Whether you’re on the beach, near the mountains, or out in the country – there’s something about a sun-kissed glow that drives people to act like zoo animals. Something about the summer sun seems to put some people in heat. Let’s face it – despite how hot it is, we still have this desire to snuggle with someone we find just as hot, just like we need water. And after a fleeting moment of doubt, most people give an “Ah, screw it,” and go in for the hookup.

Expert tip for drawing eyes to your beauty: “Wear as little as possible that’s still socially acceptable and dignified,” said VH1’s Tough Love host Steve Ward.

There are no band-aids for the heart.

Who knew that ending a less-than-serious relationship with an expiration date could be so difficult? Even though, at the beginning of June, you convinced yourself that an August breakup sounded just right, the truth is that pulling off a band-aid that was on briefly doesn’t make it hurt any less. In other words, you may find yourself scrambling to make things work through the distance, talking about a concert you and your fling should attend in October or wondering if they’d fit in with your family. Brief doesn’t mean meaningless.

Sex and sunburns don’t mix.

Although people tend to think of themselves at their hottest in the summer (you know, beach-ready), you better not think you’re too cool to douse your body in sunscreen. You’ll regret it if you don’t. I promise. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a hands-on learner, and you can simply take heed to good advice. That is, of course, if you don’t want your summer love-making soundtrack to be, “Ouch, don’t touch me there.”

Location and the association of romance…

Maybe blanking out on details is your specialty, but I happen to have a really good memory. I have the curse of remembering my outfits on special occasions, smells and all of the other mushy details about dates I’ve been on. This might sound crazy, but this could happen to you too. Don’t be surprised when, at the end of summer, you feel as if the boardwalk or neighborhood park feel foreign yet all too familiar. If fall comes and you’re sitting there alone reminiscing about your romance, then you may need to stay away. There are places that you’ll return to that just won’t feel comfortable anymore, as you’ll forever associate it with your fling.  

Expert tip: It’s even harder to escape the association if your fling broadcasted your whereabouts. Author of "The Single Girl's Guide to Meeting European Men," Katherine Chloé Cahoon, wrote that if a guy snaps a photo of the two of you, posts it to Facebook and tags you in it – he’s trying to show off and rack up social cred. 

Don’t forget to learn from your fling, unless you want to repeat the same mistakes, which may not be so bad if you’re into that. The end of your brief relationship is usually a good thing, but don’t think there isn’t potential for it become more. You and your partner must communicate about just what you want, or you might end up in tears this fall when your partner is nowhere to be seen and reaffirm that it was the end.

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