30 Days of Thanks

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November is the month of giving thanks; not the month of sweet shopping deals and leftover turkey, (although we do love those things!), but a month to recognize everything we are grateful for.  So what better way to celebrate than honoring the one thing most college students take for granted… their education. After all, not everyone gets to experience “the best four years of their life.” In honor of the 30 days of November, we decided to ask 30 students to share what they are most thankful for about their schools:

  1. “Small class sizes and being able to have a close one-on-one relationship with professors.” Kristy Vigilante- Senior, William Patterson University.
  2. “My school’s size. It’s small enough to be able to form amazing friendships and a tight community.” Robyn Jirouschek- Sophmore, Iona College.
  3. “Always having great coffee! Super important for early morning and late night classes.” Melissa Crosta- Junior, Monmouth University.
  4. “THON. It's our 46 hour dance marathon that raises money for pediatric cancer and the Four Diamonds Foundation.” Danielle Kirchner- Sophmore, Pennsylvania State University.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
  5. “My sorority, Alpha Sigma Alpha, because of the friendships and connections I have gained since my freshman year.” Rosa Graziadei- Junior, Bloomsburg University.
  6. “The creative and networking opportunities.” Ray Walsh- Freshman, Full Sail University.
  7. “Non-judgmental people.” Colin Barner- Senior, Kutztown University.
  8. "The beautiful buildings on campus.” Danielle Sgalardi- Senior, Fordham University.
  9. “The small class sizes and how teachers know my name.” Liz Fredas- Senior, Ramapo College.
  10. “No matter what your style, interests, or hobbies are- there is always something for you to do going to school in Philadelphia. Jessica Durkin- Senior, Temple University.
  11. “My co-op program. It's just one of the many ways my school makes an effort to keep college relevant and useful in the real world.” Emily Tebbetts- Senior, Northeastern University.
  12. “The food. There is a great selection of vegetarian, vegan as well as multicultural cuisine and a lot is locally soured from farms down the road.” Natalie Di Francesco- Senior, UMass Amherst.
  13. “Students are from literally all over and are so creative. You get a sense of culture through their work.” Alyssa Porchetta- Senior, Pratt Institute.
  14. “There are no physical boundaries between my campus and the city of Boston. It gives students more of a sense of responsibility than living in a traditional gated campus.” Olga Khvan- Junior, Boston University.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  15. “The friendly community on campus.” Shannon Connelly- Senior, The University of Scranton. 
  16. “The social scene. You can find something to do no matter what degree of partying you enjoy.” Ian Mackenzie- Junior, The University of Delaware.
  17. Professors who genuinely want me to succeed and are willing to go the extra mile for me.” Jaclyn Laspata- Junior, Kean University
  18. “No classes on Fridays –EVER.” Amanda Mosner- Senior, Barnard College.
  19. “My college is open minded and will not turn their back on any student who has a drive for learning.” Alex Caggiano- Freshman, Curry College.
  20. “The benefits of city life and a traditional college environment. It's a wonderful balance and keeps me from becoming overwhelmed with the rustle and bustle of the city.” Melissa Quarto- Freshman, University of Pittsburgh.
  21. “Everyone really cares about each other and the school. There is a great sense of pride. Sara Connery- Junior, Marist College.
  22. “The lifelong friendships I’ve developed since being here. It’s a true testament to the strong sense of community my school fosters.” Jennifer Sgalardi- Junior, Boston College.
  23. “Being in the greatest city on Earth, New York City. Being a student in NYC puts you in your place early, but then goes on to push and inspire you.” Daniel Zavaro- Senior, New York University.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
  24. "The size of my university. I meet new people every day and it keeps things interesting." Meredith Ambinder- Junior, University of Michigan.
  25. “My tennis team. The social part is just like a sorority but I don’t have to pay for it.” Tara Criscuolo- Junior, The College of New Jersey.
  26. “I'm exposed to so much more than I was in the town I grew up in. I feel such a sense of being accepted for who I am at my school.” Bridget Gallagher- Junior, American University.
  27. “There are so many different types of people. All my friends are from different backgrounds and it's interesting to learn about where people have come from.” Katie Begley- Senior, Montclair State University.
  28. “My university has a big beautiful campus, yet I can still bike to the Capitol in 15 minutes and be in the heart of DC. I feel very lucky to have the best of both worlds.” Grace Hanley- Senior, The Catholic University of America.
  29. “On the weekends our whole school gathers outside the bars, it's like an outdoor club where you’re guaranteed to see everyone.” Jordyn Zucker- Senior, Binghamton University.
  30. “How diverse the students are. It’s great that even though we're so different we all come together as a community for joyful occasions-like this year’s football season and also on tragedy.” Leena Meola- Senior, Rutgers University.

What are you thankful for?


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