20 Things College Students Are Thankful For

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Thanksgiving's closing in on us, and we're feeling grateful. Google “things I’m thankful for,” and you’re likely to find a whole lot of commotion about amazing friends, family and a hot meal on the dinner table.  We’re all thankful for these things, and that goes without saying, but College Magazine is getting to the real nitty-gritty of what college students are thankful for on an everyday basis.

1. Classrooms with laptop hookups: It’s worth it even if the dude behind you sees every embarrassing “homemade pimple remedy” pin on your Pinterest.

2. Ramen Noodles: Who cares if you’re consuming a deer salt block’s worth of sodium–that’s the tastiest 25 cents you’ve ever had.

3. Meters with money already in them: It’s like hitting the coin jackpot in Super Mario.

4. Classes without attendance policies: It’s funny how quickly you can jump out of bed at 8am to check a class attendance policy. 

5. Energy drinks: Making mid-terms possible since…well…the invention of energy drinks.

6. The ability to silence a phone:  Turn my cell phone OFF…psh, what is this, the 19th century?

7. Rooms on the top floor: Does wonders for those elephants above you who like to partake in a round of bowling each night.

8. Peepholes in your dorm door: If you can’t confess to spying on your hallmates at least a couple of times, you’re un-American (orrrr maybe just fearful of sounding like a freak).

9. Dollar Tree toilet paper: It’s funny how Slim Jims end up taking priority over the necessities.

10. Flash drives: Also known as thumb, jump or zip drives. Whatever. We’re just thankful for them.

11. The ability to e-mail yourself: In the absence of the above mentioned, this habit can quickly become your saving grace.

12. Happy hour: Adult drinks are not equal to adult wallets.

13. Logged-in Facebook accounts: It seems that even college students haven’t outgrown the fad of changing an unsuspecting victim’s status to something about poop.  

14. Mini-fridges: Even if they do make weird noises at night.

15. A friend who took the class last semester: Never underestimate the power of an insider’s knowledge.

16. An e-mail about canceled class: Beats the heck out of a note on the door after dragging yourself out of bed and putting on some sweats (tough life, we know).

17. Flasks: Football games just wouldn’t be the same.  

18. A friend’s Netflix password: Add in an HDMI cord and you can almost pretend you have cable! 

19. A neighbor’s unprotected WiFi connection: It’s all fun and games until one day their newly-protected account name simply changes to “Get your own.”

20. Rentable books: Back in the day, us old folks had to BUY our books. If renting has always been an option for you, consider yourself lucky. Lucky and young.

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