10 Trashiest Spring Break Antics

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It’s come and gone again but spring break doesn’t end with the resumption of classes. Whether it’s the painful sunburn, the embarrassing photos that get leaked, your wallet collecting dust, or that pending court date, you’re never quite sure what exactly you did, but you know it must have been bad. 

1)      Binge Drinking

If you were anywhere near a bar during spring break, you most likely did this. With no assignments to turn in soon and no classes to wake up for, you probably felt entitled to this level of drunkenness. According to the Book of Odds, 1 in 13.7 female college students and 1 in 4.67 male college students report passing out from drinking at least once during spring break vacations.

2)      Body Shots

So in all of your drunken splendor, you thought it would be a good idea to lie down on a bar and let a stranger suck tequila from your belly button. To put it into perspective, let’s throw out that there can be up to 1,400 strains of bacteria lurking in your belly button, according to the Mother Nature Network.Practice safe licking, friends.

"Body shots are trashy,” says Kristen Lynch, a sophomore at Long Island University. “Why would you want people to drink off you or you drink off other people. It's just gross."

3)      One-Night Stands

This is most likely a drunken endeavor, too. And the odds of you waking up with your genitals itching (symptoms are not guaranteed) are pretty great after one-night stands. According to the Book of Odds, only 58 percent of males report using condoms in their last sexual experience and only 46 percent of females do.

“These are not trashy at all once you keep it discreet,” says Chris, a senior at the University of Toronto.

4)      Wet T-Shirt Contests

"Wet t-shirt contests are trashy, too,” says Lynch. “They're for girls who want too much attention on them."

Wet t-shirt contests are designed for guys. Let’s be real, only guys watching these girls degrade themselves get any sort of pleasure out of this. Perhaps the only pleasure a girl gets is all the attention. At least, until it turns to unwanted attention.

5)      Gambling

What’s the worst that could happen? Oh right, on top of your plane ticket, hotel costs, partying expenses and let’s not forget that tiny little thing called tuition, you could waste your (or your parents’) hard-earned money with the blink of an eye.

6)      Crowd Surfing

To those about to surf, we salute you. Because you could get dropped on your head, trampled all over and killed. But that’s just the worst case scenario. Other dangers include sprains, bruises and whiplash-type injuries if dropped and being groped. If you’re wearing anything with sharp edges, you could injure others and if you have piercings, they may get torn off.

7)      Day Drinking

Sure, some people love to have a glass of champagne at breakfast or with lunch, but does it really seem like the best time to start taking shots? Obviously, if you start drinking in the morning continuously into the evening, you’re consuming way more alcohol than if you just drink at night. Probably not the best idea for your liver.

8)      Getting Burnt

You forgot how much time you were spending outside, didn’t you. It may be that you were trying to make up for the harsh winter, but now every part of you aches. Try to moderate your fun in the sun so you don’t ruin your trip or come back from it looking ridiculous. And of course, let’s not forget our friend, Mr. Skin cancer.

9)      Flashing

Don’t do it. With all the modern technology, some that can be very discreet especially in the haze of your inebriation, someone is recording you. Someday when you’ve settled down and forgotten all about this crazy college life, pictures, videos, even Girls Gone Wild tapes may surface starring you yourself. They could even surface tomorrow.

10)   Getting Arrested

“This is badass, not necessarily trashy,” says Chris.

There are so many things you can do to bring this about, specifically if you’ve lost control of your actions because you imbibed a bit too much alcohol. Be especially careful when you’re in a different country where you may not be aware of all their laws. Otherwise, you may be checking off that you have a record on job applications in the future.

Call me a pessimist, but all these antics seem pretty damn trashy. I may be bringing up sore spots for some, but what do you think: trashy or not?

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