10 Things University of Pittsburgh Students Do Best

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Last semester was a rough one for the University of Pittsburgh. Receiving over 100 bomb threats in a two-month period is enough to make any school lose a little bit of its luster. Pitt, however, is way too stubborn and resilient to give into fear. The Cathedral of Learning is still standing and it appears Panther nation is back to its usual vibrant and loud self. Best part: Pitt can always take comfort in the fact that no matter how bad things get, at least it's not Penn State. Check out what some of these plucky Panthers think their school is best at:

1.) “Enduring, persevering and keeping a positive attitude.”

–Eddie Perenyi, Junior

2.) “Evacuating buildings.”

–Phebe Lockyer, Junior

3.) “Being really supportive beyond just sports teams.”

–Abigail Cohen, Sophomore

4.) “Comparing the Cathedral of Learning to Hogwarts.”

–Katerina Lisitsa, Junior (Credit for photo below)

5.) “Pitt students are academically smarter and have more school spirit than any other college I visited.”

–David Peters, Sophomore

6.) “Getting hit by buses on the Fifth Avenue dedicated bus lane.”

–M.J. Sadeghi, Senior

 7.) “Staying at football games until the beginning of the fourth quarter.”

–Sharif Khan, Senior

8.) “Not getting hit by publication transportation buses as they go the opposite way on a one way street.”

–Ekaterina Sorokina, Sophomore

 9.) “Performing the walk of shame on a Saturday morning during campus tours.”

–Christina Jackson, freshman*

10.) “Pitt students are best at actually exploring their city.”

–Jake Gillis, Sophomore

* Name changed to protect source

Photo: at http://www.pitt.edu/~sgb/

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