10 Things University of Notre Dame Students Do Best

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I like to think of Notre Dame as the little engine that could. We are the most faithful (literally) and hopeful group of Catholics you will ever meet. We're fiercely loyal, competitive and seriously misunderstood. Many think of our school as chaste and boring, to which I say is completely untrue. It is a university where alumni and current students alike will take their love of the Fighting Irish to the grave. Rather than just say “absolutely everything,” here’s a specific list about what Irishmen do best:

1. “Drunken cornhole at tailgates.”

–Christian Knight, sophomore

2. “All wearing the same shirt at football games so our student section is completely unified.”

–Kathleen Ashcraft, sophomore

3. “Running, or at least looking like you work out a lot.”

–Frank Spesia, freshman

4. “Fitting insanely large amounts of people into tiny dorm rooms”

–Maggie Best, sophomore

5. “Two words: alumni loyalty.”

–Beth Spesia, sophomore



6. “Going to Starbucks often enough to flaunt a Gold Card.”

–Calvin Rutherford, freshman

7. “Being super polite all the time—holding open doors, saying please and thank you, the whole nine yards.”

–Jackson Colton, freshman

8. “The ability for students to come together (in pajamas) for dorm mass every Sunday.”

–Iheanyi Ekechukwu, junior

9. “Finding out all your friends are secret-overachievers…or sometimes not so secret.”

–Melanie Mines, junior

10. “Making friends with cab drivers. Seriously.”

–Kevin McMannis, sophomore

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