10 Things NYU Students Do Best

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Known for our world-class education, our urban campus and our famous alumni and faculty, including James Franco and Lady Gaga, NYU is one of the highest rated schools in the country. But NYU students are proud of more than just these reputations .

It’s pretty obvious that NYU could be renamed Hipster Central,’ but we could also be known for our timekeeper screaming “FIVE MINUTES!”outside of Silver, the close friendships we develop with the night guards after stumbling into the dorms after hours too many times, and our popular sports teams. Here are some other things that NYU students think we do best:

“NYU kids are great at building communities. Oh and sarcasm. They’re good at that too.”

-Dylan Welch, sophomore

“NYU students are the best at complaining about their first world problems.”

Amanda Goetze, sophomore



“We do hipster better than any other college.”

Jordan Melendrez, sophomore

“Celeb spotting.”

Meryll Preposi, senior

“Ripping off NYU and getting free pens at events.”

Emily Yang, junior

“Finding cheap food and finding food past midnight.”

Amanda Randone, junior



 “We’re good at walking quickly and navigating streets.”

Amy Zhang, junior

“Great at pretending we’re classy but going home and drinking out of red solo cups.”

Jaewon Kang, junior

“NYU kids are good at smoking within 25 feet of the building.”

Michael Lowell, freshman

“Being Asian, especially in Stern.”

Maria Schilter, senior



Sophomore > Journalism and Environmental Science > NYU

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