10 Things Harvard Students Do Best

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Few people would think that Harvard students have time for anything besides class, homework and developing the next Facebook. Little do people know that Harvard students are more than just brains, books and business. Here a few other things that Harvard students do best:

1.)  “Responding ‘In Boston’ when people ask the question ‘Where do you go to college?’”

-Megan Prasad, Sophomore, Harvard

2.)  “Networking like no other.”

-Drew Scott, Sophomore, Harvard

3.) “Finding ways to get out of the bubble that is Harvard/Harvard Square.”

-Bianca Nfonoyim, Sophomore, Harvard

4.) "Making a philosophical and/or political debate out of any conversation."

-Laura Cheng, Sophomore, Harvard

5.) "Harvard students do everything best.”

–Rosaria B., Junior, Harvard

6.) "Harvard students are good at avoiding tourists who try to take their pictures.

-Megan P., Sophomore, Harvard

7.) "Peeing on statues of John Harvard.”

– Anonymous, Harvard

8.) "Primal scream. A Harvard tradition in which students streak across the yard the night before finals start."

-Payson J., Junior, Harvard

9.) “Reading Barstool during class.”

– Michael New, Sophomore, Harvard

10.) "Avoiding saying what college they go to.”

-Willie P., Sophomore, Harvard

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