10 Odd Jobs For Millenials

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Recently, the New York Federal Reserve reported that 44 percent of recent college graduates are underemployed. Another report stated that unemployment percentage for young Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 is at its highest since World War II. What does that mean for most of you reading this, including the girl writing it? Tough times  as in interning-with-a-college-degree, living-with-your-parents-at-23, uninsured-and-answering-phones-for-a-living tough times. 

Statistics show it may be time for us to put our pencil-skirt-wearing, red-lipsticked CEO dreams aside. No fear, fellow Millenials, there are plenty of odd jobs to work in the meantime.

1.  Armpit Sniffer

According to the Health Journal, deodorant testers sniff around 60 armpits an hour and probe thousands of armpits each year.  Wonder what that interview entails.

2.  Pet Food Taster

Professional taster Mark Gooley told News.com ,"I'm looking for palatability. I want it to be soft in the mouth and I want it to be an enjoyable experience for the dog.”

For all of you judging, I know you’ve tried it at least once.

Professional animal food tester, Mark Gooley | news.co.au

3.  Gross Stunt Tester

Someone’s got to see if eating that crawdad kills them before a Fear Factor contestant dies from it.

4.  Waterslide tester

Recently featured on Huffington Post’s Student section, 22-year-old student Seb Smith of England [below] was chosen as a waterslide tester for holiday firm First Choice. Seb will be flown to the firm’s 20 Splash World resorts over a six-month period, all expenses paid on top of his £20,000 salary.



5.  Potato Chip Inspector

Responsibilities include removing overcooked and/or clumped chips from the assembly line. Basically, discriminating against chips.


6.  Coconut Safety Engineer

In order to keep resort guests safe, coconut safety engineers shimmy up palm trees and extract the ripe fruit before they extract themselves onto someone’s head.

7.  Fortune Cookie Writer

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics cites these deep thinkers make a median salary of $53,070.


8.  Watching paint dry

According to UK’s Daily Mail, Keith Jackson's job is to very literally watch paint dry. “The highlight of his day is simply touching the paint to assess its tackiness. “ 


9.  Virtual Gold Farmer

Some people just really stink at MMORPGs. Vice interviewed an American gold-farmer, 17-year-old Josh Miroslav, who claimed he makes $10,000 a month (in real life!) farming gold for others in the game RuneScape.

17-year-old virtual gold farmer, Josh Miroslav. | vice.com

10.  Professional Sleeper

A true dream for purportedly lazy Millenials, pro sleepers offer their services for sleep studies and research projects.










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