10 College Rules Worth Breaking

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When someone mentions “college student”, what generalizations and thoughts initially invade your mind? There are countless stereotypes associated with the typical college student and some are worth busting. Let’s take a look at several common college student clichés and find out how you can break the mold: 

1. Due tomorrow? = Do tomorrow.
As tempting as procrastination is, consider both your mental and physical health. Your brain and body will despise you if you force them to work overtime. Do yourself a favor and attempt to begin your projects or essays at least a few days ahead of time by generating a daily schedule dedicated to working on these assignments.
2. Your main food supply will consist of instant noodles and water.
Keep a lookout for the bargain items or dollar section at local grocery stores. Sometimes you can snag a healthy individually packaged bowl of cereal or macaroni and cheese. Endless cheap food items await your consumption.
3. You can’t have fun without alcohol and drugs.
Remember those times when you were a child and a game of hide-and-seek or tag was thrilling and enjoyable? You didn’t need to be intoxicated to have that level of amusement. You can still revive that childlike excitement by finding a group of people to play a game with or embark on an adventure around campus or the town. 
Since you supposedly only live once, it would be wise to ensure that your one chance at life is spent well. Although the audacious perceive this four-lettered acronym as an excuse to attempt sometimes dangerous and thoughtless feats, people seem to forget the repercussions of certain actions. Live responsibly!
5. You must reinvent yourself.
If you were unsatisfied with who you were in high school, by all means, feel free to experiment with new styles of clothing or discover clubs you might not have considered before. However, if you are happy with who you currently are, don’t be afraid to continue being your amazing self.
6. Coffee and energy drinks will be your new best friends during midterms and finals.
By creating a daily schedule designating study time for each of your courses, you won’t need to pull late or all-nighters during the week of midterms and finals. You will be prepared and well versed in those subjects way before those exams even appear on your calendar.
7. It is not okay to eat alone in the dining hall/café.
Dining by yourself is an excellent time for you to catch up on your own thoughts. Between your roommate and classmates, how often do you find alone time? Another perk includes overhearing other people’s hilarious personal conversations.
8. Brace yourself for the freshman fifteen.
A number of universities and colleges have either a gym or nutritionist (or both) on campus to assist students with planning a healthy lifestyle. You don’t have to gain weight if you choose to be conscious of your food intake and amount of exercise.
9. If you have sex, you will get pregnant and die!
Use protection (i.e. condoms) to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and decrease the likelihood of a pregnancy. By the way, if you do not feel ready to have sex, please don’t feel pressured. There’s more to college than the hookups.
10. These are the best years of your life; it’s all downhill from here.
This all depends on your perspective. You could possess the mindset that your life could never improve beyond your college years, or you could think, “These are the best years of my life so far.” By adopting a positive attitude, perhaps your life post-college will be even more exciting and memorable than you would have ever imagined.

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