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New York University–New York, New York

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 What it Feels Like to Go Here

Unlike the typical college experience of frat parties and football games, New York University offers students the incredible opportunity to make New York City their playground. Students quickly adapt to the fast-paced hustle and bustle of a city atmosphere, especially with regards to the nightmare of public transportation and dressing to impress, like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex in the City. “Sweatpants are kinda gauche unless you’re heading to palladium or 404 Lafayette to work out. Another acceptable situation for sweatpants is the 2 a.m. study sesh in Bobst,” sophomore Suhana Jagadesan said. From sightings of celebrities, like the Sprouse twins, to intermingling in the daily traffic of New York, NYU students quickly adapt to the real world with a little less drama than that of Serena Van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf, but with equal amounts of glamour and excitement.

 Awesome Alumni

Gossip Girl was not kidding when she started every episode with the same two words: Manhattan and elite. NYU has famously produced screenwriters (shout out to NYU’s writing program), actors, authors, songwriters and even chemists and respectable political figures. Ever hear of Suzanne Collins (#TeamGale), Adam Sandler (I miss the days of Happy and Billy) and J.D. Salinger (Holden Caulfield forever)? Collins, Sandler and Salinger compose only a small margin of a very large list summarizing notable NYU alumni.

Where We Hang

Washington Square Park, a staple marked by a looming arch in Greenwich Village, is the place to be for NYU students. “Washington Square Park is probably my favorite place to go to just hang out or study when it’s nice, especially when the fountain is on,” junior Johanna Swoyer said. “It’s in the middle of campus and is close to everything, and it’s beautiful! Everyone uses WSP as a meeting place and a hangout spot. Some teachers will even move their classes outside to teach at WSP.” Although the entire city serves as their university and campus, Washington Square Park seems to act as every student’s home base, whether it be to study, hang out, or catch a brief break from crowds, taxis and noise. You can also easily slip into a hotspot bar like the Thirsty Scholar or Bar None. Even the party scene differs from the stereotypical rager in college; students go to the bars and clubs, instead of stumbling their way through frat row.


1. How much are students partying?

“I know some people who party everyday, and others every so often. I think it just comes down to the type of person,” junior Zach Serhan said.

2. What will you get in trouble for at your school?

“For the most part, there isn’t much to get in trouble for at NYU. The only thing I can think of is getting written up for possession of alcohol in your dorm, which only applies to those students that are under age,” said sophomore Hunter Thiers.

3. How much sex are students having?

“There is a huge hook-up culture at NYU but personally I think it’s because we are located in New York City, which is obviously very populated. The hook-up community is especially big for those in the LGBTQ community because we are located in a city,” said sophomor, Johanna Swoyer. A big city means a lot of options.

4. What would you tell incoming freshman about your school?

“NYU is not a normal college. It might get lonely at times, being away from your family and closest friends and being surrounded by the millions of strangers that inhabit NYC. That said, NYU is what you make of it. Put yourself out there and join as many organizations as possible. The more you do that, the faster you’ll be integrated into the culture and feel like a true ‘New Yorker,’” sophomore Nandan Polisetty said. Even though NYU students seemingly miss out on the “typical” college experience, they still gain new outlooks on life and opportunities for the future.

5. Can you describe some interesting quarks or traditions associated with NYU?

“I think interschool rivalry is a big thing in NYU…For example, everyone thinks Stern [the NYU Business School] students are arrogant assholes, or Tisch kids are incredibly artsy (which is true, it is a drama school). Let’s just say I know someone whose degree is on studying the color yellow. They’re just incredible people lucky enough to be able to follow their passions,” junior Júlia Rust said.

Overall Experience

“Honestly, the day you become an NYU student, you become a New Yorker.” — Suhana Jagadesan, Neural Science and Journalism major, Sophomore

“Looking back my sight’s 20/20, but I feel that coming in freshman year I hadn’t realized just how different NYU is from the college experience we all see and hear about in pop culture. At first I was a little let down, but now I think it’s made me grow as a person more than most other colleges would have.” — Júlia Rust, Business major, Junior

“I’ve really loved my experience at NYU so far. I’ve made some amazing friendships, took really challenging and interesting classes and was able to pursue so many new extracurricular interests. While the first year of college is always challenging no matter what, I can truly say that I’ve found a home at NYU.” — Jaya Aiyer, Global Public and Health major, Sophomore

“I absolutely love NYU and am so happy I have the ability to go to such a great school. The environment is just what I was looking for and I have wanted to live in NYC since I was 5 years old. I also love how global our campus is. I honestly have very few friends who actually live in the US–many of my friends are from abroad; India, South Africa and Austria to name a few.” — Hunter Thiers, Theatre major, Sophomore

“My second favorite aspect about NYU is its dedication to providing a global education. Through my major, I studied at NYU London my entire sophomore year, and then at NYU Washington, D.C., first semester junior year. We have 14 global campuses in 14 of the world’s most exciting metropolises.” — Adeline Guo, Business and Political Economy major, Junior

Top 3 Majors

1. Visual and Performing Arts

2. Social Sciences

3. Business

 Top 3 Most Popular Student Organizations

1. New York University is really so vast and unique, it even has its own club dedicated to all things cheese (my mouth is now watering). Sophomore Jaya Aiyer said, “I think the top student organization is the Cheese Club! Honestly I think the popularity is pretty self-explanatory (free food).” The cheese is free too?! Although the club all had us at cheese and free, it also aims to further NYU’s value on connecting and creating cultural unity.

2. Women in Science (WINS), provides ample opportunities for the female students at NYU. “There is still such a disparity when it comes to women in STEM careers and, quite honestly, I don’t believe that organizations or groups like these should ever cease to exist,” sophomore Suhana Jagadesan said. “Neural Science is a relatively personalized major at NYU; it’s a small department but this organization connected me to a network of women who are in the same boat as I am.” Although the organization requires a specific selection process based off of academics and achievement, the mentors and peers help pave a foundation for their professional successes after the collegiate experience.

3. While overlooked at other universities, NYU’s council clubs, like the Inter-residence Hall Council, abundantly and widely promote across the city and campus in order to create a sense of school spirit. “There is also Class Activity Board, which hosts year-specific events (like 2017, 2018, etc),” said junior Adeline Guo. Each council plans university-wide events, like meetings at Central Park, formals at the Met Museum and talent shows with celebrity judges. NYU is even more glamorous than Serena and Blair’s lunches on the Met steps.

Getting In

With an acceptance percentage of 31%, potential students need at least a 3.71 GPA. To add to the competitiveness of NYU’s acceptance, the average SAT score for admitted students on the old 2400 scale is 2015 and on the new 1600 SAT scale an average score amounts to 1410. In addition to above average grades and excellent SAT scores, a student should participate heavily in student activities and AP or IB classes. “I got into a program that really offered a lot of academic support, so it was harder at first but it really paid off. A lot of people I know who applied didn’t get in even when they did better in high school. I think I got a little lucky, but I’m gonna do whatever I can to make the best out of the opportunity,” junior Zach Serhan said. Anything that puts you ahead of the next student is crucial, especially with NYU’s selectivity.


Location: New York, NY

Tuition & Fees: 46,170

Total Cost on Campus: 62,952

Undergrads Enrolled: 24,985

Grads Enrolled: 24,289

Total Enrolled: 57,245

Acceptance percentage: 31%

Percent Admitted who Enroll: 38%

Percentage of Male Students: 43%

Percentage of Female Students: 57%

Percentage Receiving Financial Aid: 52.8%

Percentage Receiving Federal Grants: 57%

Percentage Receiving Federal Loans: 41%

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