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Young love can be a wonderful thing. It can be romantic and exhilarating and fun. That is, until young love starts eating your food, watching your TV and sleeping over five times a week. Most college students are prepared and willing to share a small space with a roommate. However, problems arise when a roommate’s boyfriend or girlfriend claims your territory as their own.

It can be nice to have another person hanging out in your dorm or apartment…for a few hours. But what happens when that person won’t leave?

University of Maryland student Rebecca Morgenstern says her roommate’s boyfriend would sometimes be in her dorm room watching TV when her roommate wasn’t even there! So how did Rebecca win back her space?

“I used friends. I would bring them back to my room and make sure we were intentionally spread over the entire room,” she says.

While in the dorm this tactic may be effective, many students live in suites or apartments where more than one room is at risk of invasion. In these situations, students have to get a bit more creative with their strategies.

“I would nicely suggest that they go out to dinner together,” says University of North Carolina at Wilmington junior, Carey Mcmullen.

Suggesting an appealing idea that makes you seem thoughtful is the perfect way to get the significant other to leave without causing awkward tension between you and your roommate.

Some students choose to take a more bold approach.

“Usually starting to undress or asking [my roommate] for a tampon got her boyfriend to leave,” says Boston University student Kate Melle.

Making the significant other feel downright uncomfortable will usually ensure a swift departure.

Everyone has the right to spend time with their significant other. However, everyone also has the right to their own space and some privacy. While it may be cool for your roommate’s boyfriend or girlfriend to hang out for a little while, at a certain point you have to stand up and win back what is rightfully yours.

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