When it’s a long road home…

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By Karissa Hearn>Junior>Journalism>The College of New Jersey

“Between driving to the airport, waiting for the flight and flying home, it takes almost an entire day to get home. Getting to the airport is even challenging,” says sophomore Zoey Zweber of Purdue University in Indiana. Because of the trouble, she doesn’t go home for the short Thanksgiving break.

Ohio State University junior Zack Handler drives about 9 hours back to New Jersey at the end of each semester. For shorter breaks, his transportation of choice is airplane. “Flight times don’t always match up when you want to go home, so you either have to miss class or go home later than you wanted,” he says. Additionally, flights back and forth are not always cheap.

So getting home for break is a drag. To subtract some monotony from those tiring treks, try employing the following tips.

Travel with a friend. Handler splits the drive back and forth with a roommate. “Having someone to talk to and to drive [with] helps a lot,” Handler says.

Play games behind the wheel (but don’t have too much fun – you still have to, you know, drive). Games like I Spy, and counting the number of different state license plates pass the time for junior Alyssa Favara. 

Get creative! Towson University junior Dana Senna looks at the people in the cars and looks to see what’s in their cup holder and makes up stories based on that.

Be sociable. Talk to the person next to you on the plane. “I have met everyone from scientists to window salesmen,” says Matt Mattia, Iowa State University junior and New Jersey native. You never know what kind of interesting people you will meet. 

And save. STA Travel and Student Universe offer airline discounts for college students.  Or check out the Bolt Bus for a quick and inexpensive ride from city to city. 


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