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 Keyonna Jones> Senior>Broadcast Journalism>University of Maryland 

Ever been listening to your iPod on shuffle and can’t help but dance a little in your seat when a certain song comes on? Or do you have song that you repeat just to hear it “one more time?” Here’s a list of songs that students say make the party.

Cali Swag District – “Teach Me How to Dougie”
 A four-man “performance machine” hailing from Inglewood, California, Cali Swag District has taken over the Internet and clubs with their catchy and contagious single. The song was inspired by a dance that was introduced to them by a friend who attended Texas Southern.
“Every time it comes on it makes me want to dance!” –Shircola Powell, Criminal Justice, UNCC
Soulja Boy – “Pretty Boy Swag”
 The first single off Soulja Boy’s upcoming album Dre that has “pretty boys” and girls all over the nation full of confidence.
“It gives me a feeling of Charisma… like I’m ‘that guy.’” –Ola Williams, Government & Philosophy, Cornell University
Dirty Money – “Hello, Good Morning”
 A lively and upbeat single from Diddy’s newest creation, Dirty Money, and their new album, Last Train to Paris.
Alicia Keys feat. Drake – “Unthinkable (remix)”
 R&B artist Alicia Keys pairs up with rapper Drake to create a mellow and heartfelt collaboration.
“It’s a touching song. It has a deep message: time waits for no one.” –Keisha Canty, Media/ Communications, UMBC
Eminem – “I’m Not Afraid”
 The debut single from the rapper’s seventh album, Recovery. In Eminem’s “tell-all” lyrics he accepts his past and claims victory and courage.
 B.O.B – “Nothing on You”
 B.O.B focuses on the ladies in this single, dropping lines of flattery that would make any girl smile. The guys can learn a thing or two from this one!
“It’s so cute! He makes me feel like he’s talking to me.” –Samantha Greene, Musical Theatre, Howard University
Drake feat. Nicki Minaj – “Up All Night”
The two members of Young Money Entertainment team up to create a bass-heavy and slightly rock-sounding single that is featured on Drake’s recently released album, "Thank Me Later."
Usher – “OMG”
 One of Usher’s singles from his latest album, Raymond vs. Raymond, that has hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100 list. Featuring vocals from will.i.am and auto-effects, it’s definitely a tune for the club.
“It definitely gets the party started. You can’t help but move to it.” –Sheila Mgaza, Film, Howard University
Nicki Minaj – “Your Love”
 Sampling Annie Lennox’s 1995 hit “No More I Love You’s,” Nicki Minaj slows down her usual animated delivery and gives yet another side of her musical style.
Young Jeezy feat. Plies – “Lose My Mind”
 In this vivacious and energetic single, Young Jeezy gives tips of relaxation and ways to unwind. It’s one of those songs you can’t help but to play at top volume.
“I love that song! It gets me so hype!” –Destiny Carter, Fashion Design, Art Institute of New York


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