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By Hilary Weissman>Junior>Journalism>University of Maryland

It’s almost August, so the average college student has cultivated a nearly olive tan, perhaps some steamy romances ‘down in the sand’ with Danny Zuko 2.0, and probably a well-stocked tote for when they head to the surf, sand and sun. What are the must-have ingredients to fill the ultimate beach bag of Summer 2010? CM has the tried-and-true beach bag all packed up for you. Just add salt water, sand, SPF and a new Victoria’s Secret bikini! Or, uh, board shorts for you gents.

Sammie Caro, a journalism major at Northeastern University, succumbs to the drama of chick lit. “I definitely always have a drama or romance filled book at the beach. This summer, it’s The Carrie Diaries, the "Sex and the City" prequel by Candace Bushnell.”
Alexa Troetti, a sports entertainment and event management major at Johnson and Wales University in Rhode Island, likes to crackle like bacon. “I always have Banana Boat tanning oil . . . it’s all about the T in the GTL when you’re down at the shore!” (For those who did not subject themselves to Jersey Shore, that’s Gym, Tan, Laundry—Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s process to staying fresh.)
It’s not fun or cute to pucker up with puffy, burned lips. "I learned that the hard way," said Gina Pellegrino, a fine arts major at SUNY-New Paltz. Her favorite lip balm with SPF is from Aveeno. She also dons sunglasses to protect her peepers and people-watch, of course!
Danielle Volpe, a politics major at New York University, never goes coastal without her iPod. “The perfect beach play list includes Benni Bennassi’s ‘Satisfaction,’ Craig David’s ‘Flavor of the Week’ and ‘Fill Me In,’ and Sheryl Crow’s ‘Favorite Mistake’.”
In light of Al Gore’s global warming gripes, Emily Cooper, a history major and pre-physical therapy student at Stony Brook University, stresses fighting dehydration during these triple-digit temperatures. “I bring a gigantic water bottle to keep cool,” Cooper said.

Thanks for the tips! Hey CM Readers, what do you have to add?

College Magazine Staff

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