What to Do When You’re Not Studying

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Top dog, head honcho, the big cheese, senior. All of these guys and girls know exactly what they’re talking about after three years of experience. Don’t know what to do in between finals study sessions? They’re here to help!

J.P. ‘The Rocket Scientist’ Muncks, aerospace engineering, University of Virginia: “Make sure you hang out a lot with your friends,” says Muncks. “The sad truth is that there are some people you won't see after college, even if you plan to. So, make sure you embrace the last bit of time you're guaranteed with them.”

Laura ‘The World-Changer’ Levitt, broadcast journalism, Elon University: Levitt says, “enjoy your time. It's hard to believe that I'm graduating soon, and I'm trying to enjoy the time I have left. I'm making an effort to hang out with everyone and talk to professors I haven't seen in a while. I'll also be living on my own and working full-time pretty soon, so I'm taking advantage of the benefits of being a student.”

Sheila ‘The Future Doctor’ Razdan, public health studies, Johns Hopkins University: “Since we only have a few weeks left until graduation, my friends and I have been trying to spend as much time doing fun stuff together as possible. Whether it's going back to our favorite restaurant or just hanging out on the beach on campus, we want to have a great time before we all leave Hopkins,” says Razdan.

Laura ‘The Ivy-Leaguer’ Morrison, human biology, health and society, Cornell University: “I love spending time outside with my friends,” says Morrison. “During study week, it is so great to relax a little—yes, you have to study a lot, but you have so much more time to relax without classes going on! I am excited to go on a picnic in the local area and just spend time with my friends.”

Kristi ‘The Singer’ Ferguson, biology, Virginia Tech: “RELAX,” says Ferguson. “Make sure you take some time to let off some steam! Go outside, take a few deep breaths and relax knowing in a few days you will be done finals and ready for summer!

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