What I Wish I Knew About College Guys

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It seems that freshmen boys have two things on their minds at any given moment: food and girls.  Do you think your intellectual conversation topics and ability to tell the difference between Halo and Call of Duty will woo all those mature, sensible college guys?  Wait… what mature, sensible college guys?

If only before college (perhaps at orientation?) schools warned all incoming freshmen girls that contrary to what your grandma may tell you, frat boys are not sweet, sport coat wearing guys who are hoping to slow dance with you at a party.  Not to get all Gatsby-esque, but do not let the idea of college guys get in the way of actually seeing the real college guys, because as so many upperclassmen girls will attest to, there are plenty of things they wish they had known about college boys.

“I first had a run in with [freshmen guys] in the dorms. They have this idea of themselves that they are all that and a bag of chips because they are in college, but the funny thing is, they are just the stale chips that you learn to put to the back of the shelf. They flirt and try to impress you by all the parties they go to, but in the end you realize that they haven't grown out of their high school immaturity.” said University of Maryland student Cristina D.,

Madelyn R., who goes to the University of Rochester, says she wishes she had known two things about freshmen boys.

"Don’t be afraid to take risks with boys in college. It’s a new and fun experience and if one guy doesn’t work out you've got a campus full of ‘em!"

Madelyn added that there are some places to avoid meeting your future boyfriend.

"The hopeless place Rihanna sings about is the basement of a frat house."

“I wish I knew that the ones worth getting to know are probably too shy to make the first move,” said Purdue University student Emily S.

“More than anything I wish I had known that just because they are now in college, doesn’t mean they’ll act any more mature then when they were in high school.” Said University of Vermont student Michaela M. “ I went into college with high expectations of the guys, but it turned out that they were no different, and if anything were even worse, because they thought they were cool college guys.”

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