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It’s the second week of August, and whether you’re an excited first-year or a returning veteran, you’re ready to go back to college. Regardless of how prepared you feel, a little advice might make your first steps on campus a bit steadier.
If you’re going to college with your best friend, you’ve probably been told you shouldn’t be roommates. Here are some more tips to keep that friendship from kindergarten strong through graduation.
College is a time to explore and let loose, but one thing you might not want to have to loosen is your belt. The dreaded freshman (and hey, it could happen any year) 15 is avoidable, and here’s how to do it.
If you think the only acceptable guy to date on campus walks around in sweats and plays football, think again. Hit the library and find out why a so-called nerd might be your next great boyfriend.
Before you get too stressed out, remember that time-management strategies exist for a reason. Keep your college days organized with this useful chart. 
The College Crush: Best Years of Our Lives
It’s been said before, but it’s worth saying again —remember that college has the potential to be the best time of your life. Keep that in mind as you start breaking out the suitcases to head back to school.

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