Top 15 Songs to Get Bae to “Netflix and Chill”

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Picture it: Orange is the New Black is playing in the background, the candles have been lit and the distance between you and your boo has gotten smaller and smaller. You’re not sure if it’s time to make the move–I mean after all, you’ve hardly gotten past the intro. But when you inevitably turn off the Netflix, what do you turn on? This playlist, obviously.

Music won’t be the only thing turned on tonight, if you know what I mean.

1. “Moves” by Big Sean

Set the mood with this trippy, bass-heavy track. Dim the lights, turn the TV down and show your Tinder date exactly what you got. Let them know that you got the moves–and you aren’t afraid to show ‘em.

2. “Coffee (F***ing)” by Miguel ft. Wale

This slow jam is perfect for reminding your special “friend” to stay around for the morning after. Besides getting to enjoy some bomb-ass breakfast, everyone knows round two is more fun.

3. “Throw Sum Mo” by Rae Sremmund

Maybe this is the song that gets her to things and positions she was always too nervous about.

4. “FUN” by Kyle

In case he didn’t get it before, you’re here to be young and have fun. Jam out to this upbeat song and have the time of your lives. You two might have thought that last night’s frat rager was fun, but let him know that last night won’t even begin to compare to what you’ll show him tonight.

5. “0% Angel” by Moon Bounce

Turn the bass up high for this one and remind him that you’re anything but an angel. With a funky beat, you’ll want to keep this song playing on repeat. Luckily, you don’t have to do it just once.

6. “Say My Name” by William Singe

We’ve all seen that iconic episode of Friends where Ross says Rachel’s name at the altar instead of his fiancee’s. Please don’t be that guy. If you’re gonna say her name, say her name, ok?

7. “Pony” by Ginuwine

Here’s a little throwback for ya. Channel your inner Magic Mike and show her that Channing Tatum’s got nothing on you–and that you don’t need a blowtorch to make things hot.

8. “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran

I never thought I’d see the day where Ed Sheeran lands on a sex playlist. I mean, his songs have always been sexual, but who wants to get freaky to a jam about a prostitute? Looking at you, A-Team. But the thing is, this song could actually add some heat to your next hookup.

9. “Ride” by SoMo

Things are starting to get a little “freaky,” and this song has the perfect smooth piano beat that you’ll be humming all night long. Turn this on to show her that a theme park isn’t the only place she can go for a good ride. *Cue frat bros hysterically high fiving*

10. “Hit This Hard” by Post Malone

By this point, Orange is the New Black has been turned off completely. There’s no point in denying that she came over to do more than just “chill.” Let Post Malone’s haunting anthem take you to the finish line.

11. “Grind on Me” by Azad Remix

Dance moves don’t need to stay in the club. Channel your inner Magic Mike and show ‘em what you’ve got. Note: now is not the time to try out any new dance moves–trust us.

12. “The Way” by Kehlani Ft. Chance the Rapper

This song is the epitome of “chill.” With influences of jazz, rap and R&B, you and the music will stay turned on all night. Let your SO know that you wouldn’t have it any other way.

13. “Prisoner” by The Weeknd Ft. Lana Del Rey

Would this playlist really be complete without The Weeknd? I mean, the guy practically wrote the whole Fifty Shades soundtrack. Though you probably won’t be taking any prisoners tonight, the sultry beat will have you “feeling the rush” all night long.

14. “Bad Intentions” by Niykee Heaton Ft. Migos

Would any sexy-time playlist be complete without this song? Let Heaton’s chill R&B vibes remind you that bad intentions or not, lessons won’t be the only things learned tonight.

15. “Earned it (Fifty Shades of Grey Remix)” by The Weeknd

No matter how many times this song is played, the raspy voice of The Weeknd never ceases to be sexy. Cool down to his smooth voice and reward yourselves with that tub of Chocolate Trinity you have stashed in the fridge. It’s been a long night. You’ve earned it.

Hilary is a first year English and Medical Geography Student at the University of Florida. She enjoys binge watching Parks and Recreation, drinking cappuccinos, and on occasion, dressing up as Princess Merida.

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