Top 10 Iconic “Overheard at GW” Posts

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“Overheard” pages are everywhere–from “Overheard in London” to “Overheard in the Office.” People come from all over to post things they’ve overheard, overseen and oversmelled… well, that last one isn’t a thing, but you get my point. It’s there when we’re bored, curious, want a chuckle or just want to watch a fight break out in the comments. And now, here are some award winning options from George Washington University’s own cutting-edge source for all things campus-related: the Overheard at GW Facebook page.

10. People have actually “overheard” ridiculous things

“Whoa, good job Grace on a successful Overheard post,” said alumna Corinne Zmoos and friend of Grace Armstrong. “Risky move, but it paid off.” I asked Zmoos what she meant by “risky.” “Well, a big part of Overheard is the social risk,” she explained. “There were so many times I would see or hear something perfect for Overheard but the timing or context wasn’t appropriate.”

Armstrong’s risk was well-rewarded; she quickly reached Overheard stardom with this gem. Dear Girl Who Thinks All Holidays Work Like Thanksgiving: I pronounce you ridiculous.

9. When “Overheard” turns into “Overseen”

Back in April, GW approved a whole lot of budget cuts that hit our Music Department harder than Beyonce’s album drop. Students from various music and arts organizations responded with a 24-hour protest. The event featured live music from department students and the Student Music Coalition, an organization that supplies performing students with gear and practice space, to raise awareness about the resources that students lose due to budget cuts. Overheard is usually all about the comedy, but every now and then students switch it up with some campus news.

8. When “Overseen” goes from campus news to campus… MEWS

Lost kitties = highly important news. If anybody knows of Paul’s latest whereabouts, please HMU. Also no, “Faddy Wap” is not this anonymous poster’s real name.

7. When Someone Gets the Latest Fix-It Fail

We call GW Fix-It night and day for anything from a clogged sink to a mysterious fist-size hole in the wall that just appeared this morning out of nowhere. (No, this cast around my broken fist isn’t new. I’ve had this for months. Stop asking questions.) But sometimes, the fix-it jobs tend to go slightly awry. We don’t know if Home Depot was out of pale yellow tile, but we don’t ask questions. Just like you should stop asking questions about the fist-sized hole in my dorm wall.

6. When things get a little heated on campus

Don’t worry, there were no injuries, but GW had a smokin’ hot fall semester this year with two dorm fires within two months of each other. “So that’s where I left my mixtape,” said junior Matthew Grimo. I call that a confession if I’ve ever heard one.

5. When the rivalry is real

I hate to explain a joke, but for those of you just tuning in, AU stands for American University, another dumb, not-GW school located in the Tenleytown neighborhood of DC. I’d show you a picture, but it’s not GW so what would be the point? Don’t even get me started on Georgetown.

4. When the REAL rivalry surfaces

More context: Deli and Carvings are big campus contenders. The GW Deli is a small, family-owned operation on the corner of 23rd and G that serves the best bacon, egg and cheese bagel you’ve ever put in your mouth, but it closes early. Carvings rules the night scene with their famous mozzarella sticks, but they’re also good in the morning if you’re craving pancakes or hash browns. Carvings has a nicer décor and seating options, but doesn’t pile on the bacon like Deli does. It’s the clash of the Titans and clearly, everyone’s picking sides–including the guys at Deli. Carvings offered no comment on the situation.

3. When the campus bookstore has a sense of humor

GW has no football team. But as pictured above, that comes with some perks.

2. When cuteness starts trending

Ah, the infamous Duck Date series. It began last year with a simple post about two ducks overlooking the Mall, and it quickly evolved into a trilogy sweeter than Toy Story, ending in a last farewell shot of the celebs during Commencement. Did these two crazy kids make it?

1. And finally, when the hottest celeb in history graced GW campus with their presence…

The likes don’t lie; for a politically-savvy campus that’s four blocks from Capitol Hill, we have our priorities in terms of celeb spotting. We’ve had Stephen Colbert, Laverne Cox and Barack Obama visit GW, but let’s face it: The Bill from School House Rock deserves its own motorcade. Somebody fetch me my fainting couch. *swoons*

Caroline is a junior at GW who wears too much flannel and drinks too much coffee. She looks up every movie before she watches it because she needs to know if the dog dies. She currently studies English with a minor in Human Services.

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