‘Tis the Day Before Hanukkah: What to Get Your Girlfriend

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‘Tis the week before Hanukkah

But you should not care

Christmas is still so far away;

Don’t pull out your hair.

Christmas is easy.

You need only buy

Two or three good gifts.

No reason to cry.

Oh, No!

She heard I was Jewish,

And now for a big fright,

She wants to celebrate

The Festival of Lights.

That means eight days of presents, oh dear!

So what do you get for your baby this year?

1. Opi Nail Polish Set

Opi’s a good thing to get,

It’s hip and it’s tasteful.

Those bright, popping colors

Will leave her so grateful.

Price: $16.65

2. Cute Fuzzy Socks

She’ll be prancing down the hall

In this cute footwear

And have no reason to doubt

That you really do care.

Price: $16.88

3. Kali Flip Flops

Flips are an odd thing to give

In the middle of the winter,

Pero, she’s from Miami

So there’s no footwear better.

Price: $6.99-19.99

4. A Book (Or Two Or Three)

Be it about romance,

Or of cat pics or sci-fi,

With so many options,

This is a safe bet, no lie.

Price: Varies

5.Mrs. ManaTea Tea Infuser

If your girlfriend loves tea,

She’ll use these infusers.

Sip a cup together

And know you won’t lose her.

Price: $6.88

6. A Night at a Hotel

Another idea is,

If you really are stuck,

Find a great hotel deal

And there you can… have a very pleasant evening.

Price: Varies

7. A Victoria’s Secret Gift Card

This makes a great combo

With the previous affair,

But get her a gift card.

Don’t pick out her underwear!

Price: Varies

8. A Love Letter

I cannot tell you all,

‘Cause you know her better,

But what every girl loves

Is a sweet love letter.

Price: Priceless

Now you must hurry,

There is no time to delay.

Go out and shop now.

‘Cause Hanukkah is Sunday!

Max is a freshman at FSU, a kid's book author, and has no idea what he wants to do with his life! His passion for useless information is only rivaled by his love of The Far Side comics.

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