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Sure, your wish list for the holidays probably has things like the newest pair of Steve Madden boots or an iPad mini. But as a college student, there are plenty of things that you really want to ask for this holiday season, even if they might be impossible. Do you sometimes wish Santa would bring you any of the following?

1. Personal limo service to the bars when it’s too cold outside to walk.

2. A remote control to mute your roommate when she won’t stop talking.

3. A genie that could magically predict what your fantasy football lineup should be.

4. The gift of a photographic memory so you don’t have to study anymore.

5. A twin, preferably a little smarter or motivated than you, who will take your tests.

6. Diner food to be outlawed, once and for all


7. A laptop that would type itself.

8. To actually go to Hogwarts. Seriously. Please?

9. For money to grow on trees … on campus.

10. A magic hangover cure – although if no one has figured it out by now, it probably doesn’t exist.

11. A VIP card to cut the line at all your favorite bars.

12. A new law mandating students to take a maximum of nine credits per semester, and no more.

13. That getting five hours of sleep be the exception, not the norm.

14. For your dorm room to resemble something other than a dressed up prison cell.

15. A Segway to get to and from class.

16. Another liver.

17. A designated spot at the library so you don’t have to look around for an hour.

18. An IV connected to a bag of coffee.

19. Puppies, or whatever animal of your choice, running around campus and your dorm room at all times.

20. A professional massage at least once a week.

21. To have the motivation to go to the gym more than once every three weeks.

22. For pizza to be handed out to every person leaving the bar.

23. For the know-it-all in your classes to finally realize that he actually doesn’t know it all.

24. A free cleaning service to make your house inhabitable again the day after a party.

25. And finally, to never have to graduate, because who wants to go to the real world anyway?



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