10 Blogs Every College Student Should Read

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When it comes to the endless blogosphere of personally and professionally run blog sites, the vast amount of informational sources can be both a blessing and a curse.

As college students, we don’t always have time to sift through and find those well-written, reliable blogs that will benefit us throughout our college career. From career-oriented blogs to fashion blogs to health and fitness blogs, let these lifestyle experts do the thinking for you. With finals upon us, your store of mental energy must be dwindling, and this list of “the Top 10 Blogs for College Students” should be your go-to in remaining on top of things during this stressful time of year.

Making the Big Decision:

Still choosing your dream school? Whether you are a high school senior or are looking to transfer, you shouldn’t mess with biased blogs or one-sided opinions when picking a college or university. Check out the New York Times’ education blog for a reliable source on anything from how to put together an effective college application to advice on succeeding in college.

Looking for Jobs:

Ultimately it’s why we all attend college – to acquire a job and build a career. Somewhere behind the façade that college life is all partying, fun and first-time experiences is the very real fear that we will graduate in debt and without work prospects. Allow Lindsey Pollak, a bestselling author, corporate consultant, keynote speaker and recognized expert on next generation career and workplace trends, to help you through your job hunt anxiety. Visit her blog to get advice on networking, maintaining your social media sites, searching for jobs and more.

Staying Fit in College:

No more fretting about the “freshman fifteen!” A “blog dedicated to all of the college students battling their weight and hectic lifestyle,” “College Dieting,” is a fitness blog that will avoid telling you all of the fitness facts you already know, and instead provide you with inspiration for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Preparing for the Interview:

It’s often difficult to determine what your selling point will be in an interview. What will land you that dream job? This spring, I was able to visit Fast Company’s New York office and speak with some of their top editors. They recommend checking out the Fast Company blog for tips on everything from technology, design, economics, and business innovations. Job experts say staying on top of any of these given topics may very well make or break that crucial interview.

Keeping Up with Fashion Trends:

Many students would agree that college life can be less than glamorous. How does one maintain a sense of style while running from class to class with barely enough time to sleep and shower in a given day? Check out collegefashion.net, “the original and #1 online fashion and beauty magazine written by college students, for college students.”

Studying for Finals:

Study Hacks was started in 2007 by Cal Newport, an assistant professor at Georgetown University. The Study Hack Slogan, “Decoding Patterns of Success,” says a lot about Newport’s method in helping students to develop effect study habits. From directly answering student’s questions to advice on note taking and organization, Study Hacks will guide you through your college experience and help you get the grades you want.

Making the Most of Your Internship:

Take advice from the Intern Queen herself, Lauren Berger. Berger is the CEO and founder of InternQueen.com, an online aid to students in search of internships. The site, which launched in 2009, allows students to find and apply for internships, and also offers advice on how to make the most of the internship experience.

Decorating Your Dorm:

Visit the “DormDelicious” blog for advice on enhancing your dingy dorm room. With endless interior décor tips and ways to stay organized, you can make your space attractive and nice to live in. Read about college dorm decorating projects, and learn what other students are doing to upgrade their undergrad living.

Fitting in in the Office:

Learn how to “play the office politics” through the official Office-Politics Blog. Read expert advice on real-life office drama, and even offer your own advice for chances to win free books! The Office-Politics editor and founder Franke James has been quoted and featured in such publications as The New York Times and Inc. Magazine. You can also follow her on Twitter @officepolitics.

Being Inspired:

Ms. Career Girl Media, Inc., founded in 2008, is a blog with a mission of “helping women style their lives.” According to the site’s mission, Ms. Career Girl blog contributors strive to share inspiring content, “life hacks,” great visuals and their real experiences. Written and inspired by women across the US, MsCareerGirl.com features stories on topics ranging from career advice to style, home décor and music.



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