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Why is it so much harder for a girl to have an orgasm than a guy?

Dr. Sawyer: Think of sex in culinary terms – a man is a microwave oven while a woman is a crock pot.  A woman’s sexual response model looks like the complicated motherboard of a computer, while a man’s is a simple on/off switch.   Add to these mechanical differences the fact that most young men masturbate daily and can accomplishing a climax in seconds if necessary, also placing the importance of an orgasm right up there with any bodily function like a sneeze.  A generalization, I know, but most women have a sexual response pattern that might be influenced by extraneous factors like, does she actually like the guy, does she really want to have sex, is she in the mood, did the guy piss her off earlier in the day, you get the idea … it’s not just about the sex.  By the way, it’s perfectly normal that most women will not orgasm every single time they have sex, unlike men who would find that hard to live with!

Dr. Robin Sawyer is a professor of health and human sexuality at the University of Maryland. He's the author of Sexpertise: Real Answers to Real Questions About Sex and producer of four films on human sexuality. Want his answers? Send your questions to [email protected] We’ll keep it confidential.

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