The Dark Knight Rises vs. The Avengers: Movie Goers Weigh In

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The Dark Knight Rises is fighting two battles, the first one being the Colorado shooting. To this end, it seems that the flick is winning in this battle because despite the public’s anxiety over going to the theatre, the movie has become a box office hit. The second battle is less obvious, but nevertheless an important one. Who exactly is the battle against? The Avengers. An incredibly successful movie, The Avengers was the fist sensation of the summer, and it seems that The Dark Knight Rises is fiercely fighting to outdo its prime competition.

So who is winning the competition so far? If you look at the revenue made from each movie, The Avengers is winning by a landslide. As of August 3, The Dark Knight Rises has made $550 million worldwide, whereas The Avengers has made an astounding $616 million. Although a movie’s profit is a good indication of the audience’s interest, it may not be the completely fair way to judge a movie’s likability. So, we interviewed 10 college-aged movie goers who have seen both movies and asked them point blank.

For many, it was difficult to choose just one movie, as both were “their absolute favorite movies” of summer 2012.  After pulling their teeth, however, I managed to get a real answer. The reasoning behind their final pick is  often not only interesting, but also, highly debatable… At least I think so! 

All Those In Favor of The Dark Knight Rises

“TDKR is better is because of Anne Hathaway. Lately she’s been way hotter than Scarlett Johansson, which I never noticed.”—Jason

“The plot of TDKR was just a bit better. All the twists and turns at the end of the movie kept me interested!”— Abbey

“Honestly, if I had to pick one though, I would choose TDKR because not only were the special effects breathtaking, but it also kept my attention through the whole thing with the plot and ended as my favorite of the trilogy. The Avengers is more just classic hero stories whereas TDKR is more thought provoking and follows the story already built up.” – Cristina

“The storyline is intricate and detailed. It kept me engaged the whole time.”— Evan

All Those in Favor of The Avengers

The Avengers had better humor in it, and I’m a fan of comedy.”— Derek

“I guess I liked The Avengers better because TDKR pretty much failed. You just can’t outdo The Dark Knight. It’s impossible!” – Calen

“I think The Avengers wins, but only by a little. I thought some of the plot was difficult to follow in TDKR.”— Jackie

“TDKR  one lost my interest by the end… Three hours is a pretty long movie. I was so antsy by the end! I wish it would have only been like two hours, because then it would have been a really good movie.”— Hallie  

“I seriously loved The Avengers, it’s my new favorite movie! I want to watch it again, even though I just watched it.” – Seth


There you have it. Six out of ten people prefer The Avengers! Tell us, which was your fave?

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