A Thank-You Letter to My Cheating Ex

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Dear My Cheating Ex,

If you read this, and I really do hope you do, eight months passed since we went our separate ways. Eight months flew by since I learned about your betrayal. Although it hurt me then, time changes things. This isn’t a message to say you broke my heart—I would never give you that satisfaction. Instead, consider this message as the sincerest of thanks.

Thank you for teaching me to value my worth. After I learned about your unfaithfulness, accepting your series of teary-eyed apologies felt all too easy. My heart would have rejoiced to throw your mistake to the wind for the sake of remaining by your side. Forgiving and forgetting would have saved me months of emotional crisis.

After all, you were my best friend for a while. You understood my innermost thoughts and feelings like nobody else. We shared a love of random adventures and spontaneity. You convinced me of your love and loyalty, and I embraced your every word. I thought you’d always stay by my side.

But every word you said was a lie. Every time you told me “You’re my hero,” or “I love you,” you lied. I served as the pillow you fell back on when your other desires evaded you. You can tell yourself how untrue this is all you like if doing so helps you sleep better at night. The bottom line: Your innocence is just as real as your love for me. Think about that.

I wanted to believe you when you said you always remained faithful to me. Although backed by beautiful sentiments, your apologies never won me back. No apology lured me back into the arms of someone who couldn’t reserve his heart just for me. So go on about missing our late nights together gaming on your PS4, send me countless photographs of our time together or call me as many times as you wish, but I won’t allow nostalgia to form a lump in my throat. Your phone calls will continue to go straight to voicemail. I won’t lend you a single shred of my time.

Because one simple truth remains: I deserve better.

I deserve someone willing to reserve his heart for me exclusively. I deserve someone who will never hesitate to make his devotion to me clear. You failed to recognize my worth and the love I offered you. You threw away my love for a few nights of false love with people you barely knew. But once again, thank you. By demonstrating selfishness, you helped me get one step closer to my true soul mate and another step away from further wasted time and energy.

I became bitter because of you, building a wall around my heart. I assumed that every person who offered me their heart would turn out just like you. I lived this way for a while, denying myself love and instead choosing safety—until someone showed me that I didn’t have to feel afraid.

I moved on now. From what I understand, so did you. Accepting someone else into my heart after your betrayal proved difficult. I’m still learning how to trust another person’s word. With time and effort, however, I have faith that I can grow that trust again and find the lover I deserve.

Thank you for the many lessons that you taught me during our time together.



Tamiera is a sophomore studying Editing, Writing, and Media at Florida State University. She is a proud addict of Coldplay, American Horror Story, and candy corn. Her life’s mission is to travel the world, publish her novels, and finish a tube of ChapStick.

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