The 10 Best Instagram Accounts for Photophiles

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God bless Instagram. Thanks to this little app on my phone I now have the ability to see the world in a new way. I wake up, and my feed is instantly flooded with the deep blues of oceans halfway across the world, snowy mountain peaks I didn’t know existed and the millions of people who live in the hundreds of places I have never heard of. The downside? Picking the best accounts to follow.

Lucky for you, we scoured the depths of Instagram in search of the 10 must-follow accounts.

10. CheeseCurlsOfInstagram

Art can be found just about anywhere, and Cheese Curls of Instagram proves just that. This account takes a variety of bizarre looking Cheetos and uses them as characters in any number of scenes. My personal favorite is entitled “After Shouting ‘Omaha’, Peyton Manning Has Enough Time in the Pocket to Throw a Perfect Flamin’ Hot Spiral.”

9. Fantastic_Earth

See also: Global_Hotshotz

I confess it here: I have a truly terrible case of wanderlust. Lucky for me there’s Fantastic Earth. They post stunning shots from across the world, capturing some of life’s quiet moments, such as the birth of baby sea turtles, and some of life’s most surprising, like the eruption of a volcano. I could spend hours looking at this account for its incredible juxtaposition of colors alone, a perfect example being their recent photo of a bright orange tiger running through the bleached white snow.

8. DarryllJones 

Follow along with the adventures of Eric, a miniature figure of a Storm Trooper. Eric the Storm Trooper is really just like us: he drinks too much, his eyes are always bigger than his stomach when it comes time for dinner and sometimes he crafts. Each photo is accompanied by a short poem to dictate what is going on in the scene.

7. Visuals of Life

If the rural shots of Fantastic_Earth had a boyfriend it would be urban Visuals of Life. VoL Pictures include shots of a city as seen from above, a bicyclist tearing through traffic and a group of cabs covered in snow. They do include some mountain scenes, but the main focus is a commentary on city life. It makes our list though for the ability to stop time. We race around every day, but these artists have taken the time to capture how cities look at dusk, in the snow and in the rain. Having these photos on my feed is a daily reminder to slow down and appreciate the small moments that make up each day.

6. MuradOsmann

You may know him as the guy whose girlfriend leads him by the hand across the world. Murah Osmann has taken hundreds of absolutely breathtaking photos in locations spanning across deserts, mountains, beaches and cities. His drop dead gorgeous girlfriend, who is featured in every photo, adds an element of consistency to the shots, and her incredible outfits are the cherry on top. Excuse me while I clean the drool off my keyboard.

5. BeauSimmons

See also: DaveYoder

The only account with a solo photographer on our list, Beau Simmons has an incredible assortment of photographs. Most commonly you will find pictures of individuals in remote places, but the way Simmons captures them is completely unique and inspiring through a juxtaposition of vibrant foreground images and neutral or dark backgrounds. A must-see for any aspiring photographer.

4. OurPlanetDaily

Want to see more of the planet, but stuck in your bed from a Friday night gone wrong (or right)? Check out Our Planet Daily for a collection of shots from across the world. Users tag the account in their photos and the anonymous account owners choose the best each day. Ever wondered what it would look like if you shone a flashlight into the sky hundreds of miles away from any artificial light? Our Planet Daily has a great photo to show you. Have you ever asked yourself, “If I was watching a Supercell storm, what would it be like?” If so, then Our Planet Daily is for you. Over all, if you’re looking for a view of parts unknown, this account is for you.

3. ThePhotoSociety

Imagine if the contributing photographers of National Geographic got together and decided to put all the photos you didn’t see in the weekly magazine in one place. Now imagine that you can access that place any time you want by following The Photo Society on Instagram. Life just got a little brighter. Pictures include scenes from nightclubs, deep seas, Arctic winters and remote villages and each one is accompanied by an explanation of where the photo was taken and why it is significant. A must see for all you dreamers.

2. GoPro

If you are looking for great action shots, GoPro is the account for you. Photos and short videos depict everything from mountain bikers, to rock climbers and even an array of daredevils. Even better, everything they post comes from a variety of users, so you are guaranteed to see something vastly different every time. My personal favorite? Definitely the water skiing Santa. Or maybe it’s the curious lion licking a camera…

1. NatGeo

See also: natgeotravel and natgeocreative

National Geographic on Instagram is as grand as it is in print. Though the feed is full of absolutely breathtaking photos from across the world, it earns a spot for the descriptions included with each photo. Each photo is accompanied by a short paragraph on where the photo was taken, what is happening and why it is significant. Who needs class to get an education?


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