What Students Love Most About Temple University

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Cars fly down the streets and everyone is in a hurry in the City of Brotherly Love. Temple students are no different. Flyers hang throughout Philadelphia declaring that Temple University students are one step above the rest. The term “Temple Made” has become more than an advertising idea, but a state of mind. Temple students love their school, but for different reasons. Each person has their own experiences and reasons why they’re passionate about their school and their city.

The Environment

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“I’d have to say I really like how everyone can find a home at Temple. There are so many on-campus activities to participate in and the city is at our doorstep to explore. I also love how there are thousands of students here but you are always running into a friendly face. It’s a very comfortable and welcoming environment.” –Jasmine Forde, Junior Biology and Neuroscience Major

The Professors



“My professors are probably the best part of Temple for me. They helped me achieve some of my biggest goals in college and gave me the best advice during my time here. I know that they won’t stop mentoring me even after I graduate.” –Lindsey Murray, Senior Journalism Major

The Location



“I love being in a major city, just a few subway stops from Center City. There are so many volunteer and internship opportunities on and around campus that prepare me for the professional world after graduation.” –Megan Healy, Junior Public Relations Major

“I enjoy the location of Temple University and how it offers a cosmopolitan atmosphere on the campus. Its close vicinity to Philadelphia also allows students to engage in various employment opportunities and recreational activities. Though Temple University is surrounded by an area of low socioeconomic status and fairly high crime rate, the university has managed to create a realm of education and safety.”-Jonathan LaPenta, Freshman Biology Major

“What I love most about Temple University is its location. Being able to live in the city of Philadelphia gives all of us so many opportunities not just for fun and excitement, but for education and career advancement. It has been my privilege to take advantage of all of the resources at my disposal, and the fact that I can attend a school with all kinds of connections within Philadelphia is a real blessing.” –Nathan Grubel, Junior Journalism Major

The Diversity



“I love that no matter what you’re into, whether it’s sports, music, video games or culture, there’s someone else that is into the exact same thing. It’s easy to feel like you don’t belong in high school, but at Temple, there’s always someone you can relate to.” –Kate Patterson, Junior Public Relations Major

The Atmosphere



“I love Temple University for its atmosphere. There is so much diversity, and I came from the suburbs so it is so much different than what I’m used to. I also love how we are so close to the city and everything is just a Septa ride away. Our campus is also amazing. The fact that we are close to the city but still have an actual campus is great.” –Anjali Anna Chacko, Junior Biology Major

The People

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“The few people you find that do align with the founders’ statement, even if they don’t know it.” –Kassandra Wright, Junior Risk Management Major

Paulina is a Junior at Temple University studying Journalism and Sociology. She loves anything from pop culture to inspirational quotes and hopes to one day call The Big Apple home.

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